September 3

Saturday, I was sitting here at my computer, perusing blogs and news, when the noise of the guys making trip after trip from the basement, taking tools outside, jarred me out of the ‘zone’.

Curiosity got the better of me, so out I went, and taking the camera with me.

There they were.

Trying to take the front quarter panel off his car.

This isn’t the first time that they have worked together on cars.

Back in 2002, they changed the oil pan gasket together.

They were under the car.

They were beside the car.

They were fighting the car.

Back and forth, for 2 very long, hot hours, they were ratcheting, wrenching,  unbolting and wishing all manner of bad things to happen to the person who designed this piece of car.

Finally off it came.

So he could spend 30 seconds pounding it back into place.

And make it good as almost new.


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12 thoughts on “September 3”

  1. Your pictures remind me of many a frustrating hour I’ve spent under a car – learning all kinds of new and creative ways of defining my misery. Then, I got smart! And bought a Toyota.

  2. Guys doing guy stuff…… :wiping the sweat away:

    I love seeing my guys working together, whatever it may be, just makes a mom feel good. They did do a good job and much cheaper than a body shop would have cost, they learned something along the way I’m sure.

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