September 1

September 1st! September 1st?

When did that happen? Shouldn’t it still be May? June even???


Saturday, I was out photographing my men, when I happened to notice the doors were open on the gray house.

So, camera slung over my shoulder, I walked over to introduce myself.

No one was in sight, so I yelled a “helloooooo” and K. came out.

I took a deep breath, introduced myself, told her about my little blog. I explained how I had been photographing the progress of the outside of her house, and that my readers were begging to see the inside.

She said yes, Internet.

Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!

She also said that I could come back periodically and photograph the progress.

So, Internet, for your viewing pleasure, I give you pictures of the inside of the gray house.

This is the downstairs living room on the right side of the duplex.

Right side if you are ‘inside’ the house. The entire downstairs is all down to the lath and in some places, as you can see, down to uhhh…nothing.

This is the upstairs front bedroom. I knew that it would be awful because of the condition of the roof, but I didn’t think it would be this bad.

K. told me that she pulled off 7 different layers of wall paper.

This is the back bedroom. It is smaller than the front bedroom.

And it looks like it the only thing holding this poor place together was the wallpaper.

Maggie is 8, and loves to be loved, and play with trash on the floor.

They  plan to be finished with this side of the duplex by the end of September, so that they can move in, fix the other side, and rent it out.

I seriously doubt that they will be finished by then. There is just so much to be done.

How long do you think it will take them?

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  1. I just finished flipping a house in 4 months – we had a contractor and a few other helpers. If all goes together and they get enough help, then amazing things can happen in a month. I wish them all the best.

  2. Wow! They are very ambitious. I’m guessing around Thanksgiving to have things spot perfect. I guess if your willing to finish up while you are living in it they could be in by the end of the month.

  3. Wow, 7 layers of wallpaper?! That’s one old house! And the insulation they used to use with the boards, they don’t do that anymore and I sure wish they would! Our house is 2 years old, 3300 sq. ft and you can hear people in the house no matter where you are, like it’s one big box (but it’s really not). Oh well. Anyway I’m so excited that you’ll be taking pictures and posting the progress though. It’s like being there but actually not. 🙂 I so love your blog!!!

  4. Was that the woman talking or the man? Sometimes I think we women think things can be done quicker than the man. At least it’s that way with me. I guess I shouldn’t stereotype should I?

    I suppose they have talked about it and it may be, foreseeing no problems, they could be done with the one side if they work steady at it. It would depend on their workers and everyone working together at their scheduled times. It’s good they pretty much have the outside done because they can work inside during any kind of weather.

    I didn’t see the kitchen? Is there a lot of work that needs done in there?

  5. I didn’t go back into the kitchen. It was dark, and dirty, and a little scary!

    The apartments are small. Living room perhaps 10×12.

    The larger bedroom was maybe 8×11 and the smaller bedroom 8×8. I didn’t get pictures of the loo either. They were dark and scary too.

    The woman said that they had planned on being in by the end of September. She said she didn’t care what any of it looked like, as long as she had a bathroom.

  6. I think they can be done on time, as long as they are not doing anything fancy that is time consuming. Its small rooms and drywall, painting, and flooring goes pretty quick.

    We renovated a huge old two-story building in a few months time with three of us all working along side of our real lives, and help from friends and family. And it looked as ugly as that house is looking now. It creeped me out til it was all pretty again.

    Thanks for giving us a peek inside!!!

  7. I guess it depends on how livable they want the house before they move in. 30 days sound like too little time for me, either way.

    Is that cardboard in the first picture?

  8. We’ve watched “flip that house” on line and I’m amazed at how much people can accomplish in a short time frame. I’m rooting for them!

    How cool that you were able to go inside! I didn’t know it was a duplex, so I guess I haven’t been paying attention.

  9. Wow, they’ve got their work cut out for them. It resembles alot of the old abandoned farmhouses that I photograph. Yes, these places are dark and scary and sometimes dangerous due to the deterioration. This is perhaps the best example of “wallpaper archaeology” that I’ve ever seen. Certainly there is someone, somewhere who chronicles these layers into time periods. Interesting stuff.

    How wonderful that the owner is so open to having all of us follow the progress. I’m sure they’re proud of the work.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  10. WOW, and we thought the outside looked bad :0
    I hope they make their target move-in date, I’m sure it could save them $$. Are they doing it themselves? If so, I would wager they won’t make it,if they are hiring someone to do it for them well then… it depends if they show up 😉

  11. I knew you would make it over there sooner or later. It will be fun keeping up with the progress. Great to have before and after pictures. Where are the pics of your guys you were taking?

  12. Glad that they are allowing you to chronicle this process. I hope they are able to get enough done to move in on schedule. If it’s just a couple then they should have enough time to make part of the first apartment livable, if it were a family of 3+ then I’d say not so likely.

  13. Hmmm – I’m just wondering if that’s mold I’m seeing in some places. If so, not good. I’m happy though that your neighborhood is sprucing up. I’ve recently discovered your blog and have had the fortune to get the fast track on the progress of this house, kind of like TiVo. (baloop, baloop, baloop). Now I have to watch as the rest unfolds. Thanks for the diversion.

  14. Thanks for the pictures! Unless they have lots of experience doing this sort of thing, it’s going to take a lot of time. Lots more than they expect. That’s our experience, anyway, although we never had to deal with anything as bad as that poor house!

    Nice floors behind that cute dog, though…

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