August 29

It’s Friday, and I am nosy.

Today I want to know all about board games.

What is your favorite?

What one do you play all the time and win?

Which one do you like the least?

If you were going to go purchase a brand new board game, that you have never played before, which one would you choose and why?

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  1. We love board games my favorite, well scattegories is a fun fast thinking game, but it I don’t want to think then it is candy land with my neice and nephew. We just bought apples to apples it is a fun game but you really need to have a bigger group then the 3 of us.

  2. I don’t have any one to play board games with. I do however play word games on the computer. The hardest one for me is Link Letters. I just can’t seem to see the words in so many different directions.

    When I worked in children’s ministry I would take our board games when we went on retreats for the evenings. They enjoyed Scattegories and hated Scrabble. The one they enjoyed the most was spoons, which all you need is a deck of cards and spoons.

  3. My favorite two are old faithfuls: Monopoly and scrabble. I usually win most every time. I love any kind of games. Unfortunately my husband isn’t crazy about them so I rarely get a chance to play.

    When I was out with the twins I was able to play scrabble and I was able to give our granddaughter a few pointers.

    The twins are so much fun to play games with. I laugh and have so much when playing games with them.

  4. Our favorite board game here is HomeSchool Monopoly, the kids love that game and we have lots of that curriculum on it so it is very fun to fight over who gets to buy it first.

  5. Settlers of Catan – my daughter’s boyfriend brought it to us one Thanksgiving weekend, and we only got up from the table to go to the bathroom or sleep. It’s crazy fun, easy to learn, and there is skill involved, not just luck. But luck is there, too, for sure. Loads of fun!

  6. I am not big on board games. If my kids wanted to play when they were little, it had to be something quick, like Candy Land! I do however like a good game of Scrabble. We also just discovered Apples to Apples and I like it!

    For some reason I want to get Cranium in the black box. Not sure why. I think I read a review about it and thought it would be good for our family.

    ANd what to you like to play?

  7. I love games, too, but don’t often get to play them. Probably my favorite is cards – euchre in particular, but as far as board games go, I like Apples to Apples. Have you played that? It’s really fun 🙂

  8. I LOVE Cranium. It’s so fun and makes me laugh hard every time I play. If I were going to buy a new one it would be Apples to Apples…I hear it is great. Unfortunately having two little kids in the house does not make for good board game playing! Oh, Sequence is a great one for 2 or more players. I LOVE that one too.

  9. My favorite board game is Clue. Don’t tell your Mom, but, my least favorite is Monopoly. (P.S. CC did it in the kitchen with the knife!)

  10. I love Clue: The Great Museum Caper. It is great fun, especially if your the thief.

    Right now my guys really like playing Heroscape. Even the baby can get into the act rolling the dice for her brothers.

    I don’t like anything that makes me have to think to much, like chess.

  11. I like Sorry because it’s so simple, so colorful and no matter how far ahead someone else gets it always seems to even out in the end for some strange reason! And people get so nasty with their “sorry!” and yet you can bump them off the board so quickly. It’s about revenge and it seems to make you feel better playing Sorry! Plus I like the little player peices, they fit so perfectly into your fingers. A nice game.

  12. My favorite now is an old board game from 86 called fireball island. We played last weekend at Stacy’s and it was awesome. Stacy kept winning but, one day I will win. I will, I just know I will. lol

    Other than that I love monopoly.

    But, I really like card games more than board games.

  13. I’m a newly retired teacher, and I wanted to tell anyone who has upper elementary through middle school kids about the game that my students absolutely loved. It’s a vocabulary game, and even some high schoolers would probably like it. There are two levels, so a bright second or third grader could probably do the lower level.

    It’s called BLURT. It’s very simple. The teacher or parent reads a definition, and players compete to come up with the correct word. There is both skill and luck involved, and it never gets boring.

    My fourth graders loved it. When I taught middle school a few years ago, they loved it. (And the middle school kids were alternative kids, who had been suspended from their regular schools because of behavior problems. Those kids are sometimes hard to reach, but they adored the game, too.)

    It’s a fairly expensive game, but I see it at thrift stores occasionally. Even if you have to buy it at Target or someplace, though, I think it’s worth the money. A lot of learning takes place.

  14. I like Pictionary if you have a crowd, Apples to Apples, and Sequence. I also like Yahtzee – all chance, no skill. One or two rounds of any board game is all I can take though.
    The boys like chess and Risk as well.

  15. I like board games such as Clue, Sorry, Life and Apples to Apples. I do prefer the domino game of Chicken or Mexican Train. Card games are great because the travel well. I also love charades and Pictionary.

    Least favorites would be Risk, Scrabble and Monopoly.

  16. I love so many games, but I rarely get the chance to play. I love clue, risk, scrabble, sorry, and apples to apples. I was just introduced to Apples to Apples this spring in Chicago. We had a large group, which made it a lot of fun.

  17. Love Scrabble and Yahatzee. Everyday we start off the school day with Yahatzee.

    I play scrabble everynight against the computer and frequently win.

    The game I like the least would be Battleship. My brother loved to play it all the time growing up and the only way he would play scrabble with me was if I would play a game of Battleship.

    We have so many games that honestly unless I receieve one as a gift I would not spend the $$ on myself.

  18. I love board games but Jerry doesn’t. My sisters & I are Masters (or is it Mistresses?) of Scrabble. I mean we are GOOD!!!!! I even have a Scrabble dictionary….I love Clue, Sorry, Yahtzee, Pictionary,Trivia, whatever…….I rarely get to play….sigh….loud sigh…….

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