20 thoughts on “August 28”

  1. It’s more grey than grey-blue but close enough. Looks really good. Now let’s see what kind of neighbors you get…. I agree with a previous commenter….
    “2 doors…probably a rental”

  2. I am just sure that when cc takes over more punch and cookies, she will no doubt take her camera so we all can see. Get pictures of the ‘fix it up” couple. We want to meet them too…

  3. Looking good. I do miss the iconic front porch columns though. The grey is a very nice color. Everything is starting to look fresh. Much better to look at and better for real estate values in the neighborhood.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  4. We are getting siding on our house & that’s the color Mike & I agreed on, too 🙂 With white shutters – though I think I’d prefer black – oh, well. We’re just REALLY happy to have saved up enough to get ‘er done 🙂 Hope you enjoy your new neighbors!

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