August 27

I like to think that I am fairly calm in a crisis. Cool and collected. Clear headed. Knowing what must be done. Getting busy and doing it.

And for the most part, I am. Except for this once.

About 10 years ago, we lived out in the country. Superman worked 3rd shift and was in bed sleeping.

I was making lunch. I don’t remember what I was cooking, but I do remember that flames sprung up from the drip pans,  that I hadn’t cleaned in forever, because who wants to clean those nasty things?

So, I did what any calm, cool, collected person does. I stood there screaming “Fire…fire…fire” at the top of my lungs like a lunatic.

Superman came running out of the bedroom, grabbed the fire extinguisher that was on the wall right. beside. me. and put it out.

Yep. I was cool as a cucumber.

Superman bought me new drip pans and washed them for me once a month. I guess he didn’t like being woken up from a sound sleep by a crazy woman.

Yesterday, I had only turned away from the stove for a minute.

I swear, it was only a minute.

Maybe I should purchase a fire extinguisher.

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  1. Hi there, found your blog from the “Big Mama” site. It’s really lovely. I love to cook and can’t wait to try some of your recipes. I would like to compliment you on not running away from the flames while screaming “fire-fire!”. Immediate flight seems to be my first choice when scared out of my wits. It’s just a knee jerk reaction for me. By the way, the pictures are great. May I ask what kind of camera you use? I just purchased a Sony Cyber Shot and am struggling to figure the thing out.

    Best Wishes, Lori

  2. Yikes!

    I remember one night we were all in a hurry to sit down to dinner and so before I sat down I just threw my dish towel on the counter. Well about a minute later we began to smell something burning. You got it, it was my towel. I had thrown it over a burning candle.

  3. Maybe it was some strange phase in the lunar alignment??? (did that make any sense?) I tried to grill burgers outside last night and from nowhere the entire grill and patties were engulfed in flames! UGH… now what to cook for dinner? LOL Anyway all was not lost and I quickly turned off the gas and tried to salvage the burgers.

    So??? Maybe it just wasn’t a good day to cook with heat? LOL

  4. Oh, I hear you on this! I swear that we are soul sisters, you and I. I’m calm as anything until after everything is over and then I just get mad. I’ve burned up a few hot mitts and then fussed like a broody hen over the charred remains of my “favorite” mitt. Of course, they aren’t my favorite until I’ve BBQed them.


  5. Yeah, me too. I need to have one in the kitchen. Thanks for the reminder. A couple of years ago the daughter asked me to fry up one of the frozen egg rolls we had in the freezer. I put the tiniest amount of oil in the pan, turned on the flame, walked out of the room and forgot about it. The Farmer was sitting in the family room and could see flames reflected in the glass on the TV screen. Hmmmmm, what’s that, he thought. “Are the neighbors having a bonfire?”…..No, mom was trying to burn down the house. It was an incredibly messy clean up and I had to buy a new range hood. What had happened was that the tiny amount of oil had reached it’s flash point…….POOF….it was quick because there wasn’t enough oil to keep burning, but it was smokey and ugly.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

    P.S. I HATE drip pans. Luckily I have a live-in MIL who has OCD and scrubs everything to within an inch of it’s life.

  6. it is my fault….I didn’t share what I learned at the fire academy. heat….fuel…and air…mix these in the proper amounts …and presto….fire.

  7. Does caramelizing the mitt improve it’s taste and texture? Maybe I’ll try that. My son tried making french fries on the stove top once and ended up running out of the house with a flaming pot of oil. To his credit, he left the house standing and nobody was burned. (He was so sure he knew what he was doing)

  8. Julie Beth, I’m waiting for cc to perfect the recipe. When I see a recipe for roast mitt on the right hand side of the blog, I’ll taste it.

  9. CC, you aren’t alone, trust me. Remember my telling everyone at DY about my little incident with a cast iron pan that began flaming on my stove? I think that I did manage to turn off the stove but it was hubby who saved the day by taking the pan out the back door to the concrete step to cool off.

    I also recall when I was attempting to make a chocolate chip cookie pizza for my son’s birthday sleep over. I put too much dough on the stone, it spread and dropped down onto the element, when I opened the over flames appeared. The stone was fine and I was able to use a metal spatula to take the dough off the element and stop the flames – hubby wasn’t home at the time to rescue me. It was a while before I did that again.

  10. Yes, a fire extinguisher is always good especially in the kitchen. I had a kitchen fire last year in my toaster oven. The flames were 3 feet high! So I grabbed my extinguisher (which was in the garage) and put it out! Not fast enough to miss the fire department, they came anyway with their masks and axes, lol! I was totally embarrased and ended up with a fried toaster oven and white sand-like stuff E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E…So use baking soda unless it’s real bad otherwise you’ll be cleaning that white powdery foam stuff for MONTHS afterwords!

    Glad it was only your oven mit!

  11. Yeah…I was cutting up a piece of fruit and I smelled something burning, turned around and there it was. I was able to pull it off the handle and put it out without getting burnt.

    We have had problems with that handle mitt before…the opening was a bit burnt toasted before it actually was ruined.

  12. I just had a thought. While the pan is still hot, put a little water and corn starch in the pan and make mitt gravy to go with it!

  13. Jerry is a hoot! I am sure your little escapade was a harrowing experience. I have had a few things happen similar myself. Can you believe it?

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