August 26

The first time I remember having an ice cream cake was when I was in my twenties.

I had always wanted to try one.

They always looked so good, and when I finally tried one, I was terribly disappointed.

There is just way to much ice cream and not nearly enough hot fudge and crunchy things in the middle. Can I get an ‘amen’?

I would be totally happy with just the bottom half of the cake.

Today’s TWD that Amy from Food, Family, and Fun solves this problem for me.

Chocolate-banded Ice Cream Torte.

Thick layers of chocolate ganache with teeny-tiny layers of ice cream.

Ice cream of your choice.

I really wanted peanut butter or caramel, because nothing goes so well with chocolate as peanut butter or caramel.

I searched high and low for plain old peanut butter or caramel ice cream.

Plain old peanut butter or caramel ice cream doesn’t exist.

I stood in the ice cream isle for 20 minutes looking.

Many people came up and down the isle, getting ice cream. People that I knew.

They were staring at me, wondering why I was just standing there…eyes glued to the ice cream, muttering under my breath about peanut butter and ice cream moguls, and half a gallon isn’t 1.5 quarts, now is it?

I can’t say for sure, but I think security might have been alerted.

No peanut butter or caramel ice cream was to be had, so I had to go with my fourth choice.

You are to whiz your vanilla peanut butter caramel mocha coffee ice cream, fruit liqueur vanilla, and fruit toffee bits in your food processor.

Freeze 1/3 of your ganache in a spring form pan.

Add half the ice cream.


Add some more ganache.


Add the rest of the ice cream.


Add the last of the ganache. (if you haven’t already devoured it whilst waiting on all the freezing and waiting going on)


I was made aware of something really important while making this dessert.

My refrigerator isn’t level. An unlevel freezer makes for wonky, uneven layers.

I didn’t really care…much.

Do you see how thick that ganache is?

Oh…it is oh. so. wonderful.

You really can not go wrong with peanut butter, caramel, or coffee, toffee and chocolate.

If you would like to see the original recipe, check out Amy’s blog.

Thanks Amy for picking this recipe.

If you hadn’t, I would have never known my refrigerator is tilting toward the back.

Oooooooooh…Superman…it’s time to find your level……


I know you are here somewhere.


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44 thoughts on “August 26”

  1. Oh, we used the same flavors! I thought it tasted great. I was looking for plain peanut butter ice cream also (and also didn’t find it!) but someone else on here – Prudy I think – mixed peanut butter into vanilla ice cream. I may try that next.

  2. Superman is outside taking dents out of his car or putting snow tires on his bike that he has to ride to work…
    cake looks great…’s easier for us to just go buy one…you do have a birthday comming up…

  3. Oh…drooooool…my DH says I am not allowed to look at any more food blogs because it usually involves me coming home with another dessert to try! (Which you think he’d be happy about, but I think he’s trying to save my sanity. I am 31 weeks preggo and exhausted. Which also explains why i feel the need to eat anything and everything involving chocolate.)

  4. That looks yummy. I agree with you on ice cream cakes. I would almost rather have just a regular white cake. Oh, and what is UP with 1.5 qts of ice cream? Do they really think that we won’t notice? Sheesh.

  5. Coffee ice cream sounds awesome. I’ve never had it, torte or none! I have an uneven freezer, too, but it TASTED like it was from an even freezer, so I was satisfied.

  6. I want to dive right into that cake! Your pictures are GORGEOUS!

    I did the same thing in the supermarket. Talking to myself, questioning things, opening, closing, opening, closing again. I was embarassed for myself!

  7. Coffee and toffee – you read my mind! That’s totally the flavor I was going to make if the boyfriend hadn’t vetoed it! Oh, and my freezer wasn’t level either. Still tastes good 🙂

  8. Chocolate peanut butter ice cream has to be the best thing in the entire universe. Besides world peace. But seriously, I need to remake this recipe with your additions. GREAT idea!

  9. You didn’t MAKE your own ice cream this time around??? You’re the one that’s got me bidding like a madwoman on ice cream makers on Ebay!!!

    OH MY HEAVENS!!!! I’m the lead singer in the amen choir on this recipe. Oh yeah baby. My butt is going to be so big I’ll be able to put a tray of martini’s back there and serve a cocktail party!!


    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  10. I am loving your flavor combo! Sorry you didn’t find the ice cream you wanted. I wonder how it would work if you tried to process peanut butter into vanilla ice cream? I think your torte looks irresistible!

  11. Great flavour picks. I do hope you get something wonderful next month too. Lots of wonderful things.
    If you do spot superman, have him drop me off a slice of your torte.

  12. Oh ya Peanut butter ice cream would have been the way to go! Maybe you could have hit the local Ice cream shop and got a bucket full! I love the way it turned out for you!

  13. Oh that does look very good. You know I don’t know if my frig is level or not. I do know that I don’t have a place to freeze this dessert though – hopefully I’ll have to find a new freezer so that we’ll have the space for all the meat that comes from the moose or caribou hubby will be getting in a couple of weeks…..Please Lord let him get one this year!!

  14. Looks AMAZING!

    I am one of those weird people who does not like the taste of peanut butter & chocolate, so the coffee/chocolate combo sounds ideal 🙂

  15. That looks absolutely yummy!

    I agree, store bought ice cream cakes definitely do not have enough chocolate and crunchies.

  16. Suzanne~~I almost made some burnt sugar ice cream, but decided that I really, really, really wanted peanut butter.

    Silly me thought that grocery stores actually CARRIED that sort of ice cream.

  17. Outstanding flavor combo…this would be such a great after dinner dessert with those flavors. Great photos, as always. Thanks for sharing…must try that combo soon.

  18. Looks good Tanya. Did you ever get to try my ice cream cake? It is made using the chocolate covered wafers from Keebler and ice cream and chocolate and peanut butter and honey. Wow is it ever good. It is made in a spring form pan. My people love it.

  19. Oh geez, I wish I’d have thought of peanut butter ice cream. Hey, Kroger has peanut butter and chocolate (I think it’s chocolate) ice cream, but maybe you aren’t in this neck of the woods. I’ll send you over a gallon, lol.

    Great pics, I always like your progress photos… very well done.

  20. Were the eggs in your carton from Iraquonis Chickens? I think that’s how it’s spelled. When your uncle thought he was “Noah”, we had some chickens that laid colored eggs like that but they seemed a lot smaller. Do you buy Amish Eggs?

  21. Hi Chocolatechic and all Friends in US, I would love to try this recipe, could you please email it to me? I would be forever grateful as am a real chocoholic!!!
    Many thanks. Love to you all, Sylvie.

  22. BlueBell still sells ice cream by the half gallon. I bought some recently…. on sale of course… and tried their Candy Jar ice cream….. oh my gosh…. it’s my new favorite kind…. awesome!!

    Your torte looks awesome too…. the Farmer Lady had me laughing…..

  23. Our local grocery store chain does their own ice cream in half gallons. It’s quite good, but I do wish they varied the flavors a bit more. I’m not a huge peanut butter fan, but peanut butter ice cream in this does sound like it would be good. =)

  24. i’ll tell you a secret 🙂 the pan i used for my mini tortes did not fit in my narrow freezer! imagine my dismay when i filled my pan with my first layer of ganache and went to stick it in the freezer, only to realize that it was too wide for my freezer! i forged ahead anyway… and ended up with uneven layers as well, but only photographed one side of my torte so you couldn’t see the uneven layers 😉 ha!

    your flavor combination sounds amazing! great job!

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