August 25

Yesterday, Stuffmart had a picnic for their employees.

It was 99º outside, with a ‘real feel’ of 372º.

We went anyway.

We didn’t go because it was mandatory.

We didn’t go for fellowship.

We went for free food and prizes.

We are shallow.

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18 thoughts on “August 25”

  1. Who wouldn’t be having lots and lots of fun, when it is 99º outside, you know no one, and there is minimal free food.

    Yep…a good time was had by all <——–please note the heavy, dripping sarcasm.

  2. Ooooooo, Stuffmart picnics. Uck. Who in the family works there? I must have missed that information. I worked for Stuffmart for 8 years, just long enough to get vested and get out.

    I tell people that I did “hard time”. They always think I’ve been in jail. Well, working at Stuffmart is second only to being in jail. I could write a book. Seriously, i should.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  3. Superman works for Stuffmart as a second (part time) job. He will be coming up on 4 years in March.

    He just took the test (and passed) to become CSM. He has been CSMing for almost the last year, but not getting paid the CSM wage. I really hope he gets it. It will be between him and another kid.

  4. Sheri~~yep…those are golf balls. He really loves to golf. As a matter of fact, later yesterday evening he was going to go golfing with the men of the church, and try out his new prize, but they were rained out.

    Aunt Sandy~~ a CSM is the person who manages the front cashiers…getting them change, having the keys and turning them, taking care of complaints. They are just under management.

  5. Sorry that they had lame prizes, if you like golf then I guess that isn’t lame. Anyway, I don’t think you are shallow but WM is for not making it more fun for the employees and their families. It’s not like they can’t afford to put on a decent spread….minimal food 😕 what’s up with that?

    Sorry about the heat, you could come up here and I’d at least feed you good salmon and provide cool weather, you wouldn’t sweat I promise. 😉

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