August 21

The house stood quiet for the rest of last week.

I knew that they weren’t finished.

I just knew that they ~~please, please, please~~couldn’t be finished fixing the house up.

Mr. and Mrs. Fixit didn’t fail me.

Sunday morning at 7:07am I heard cordless drills, drilling and hammers whacking.

Please! 7am??

At 8 am, (I know it was 8, because my camera says so) the house looked like this.

By Sunday evening, new windows appeared.

Hallelujah. Property values will go up $2 soar!

By Monday afternoon, old windows were gone, and you can see in the left bottom corner, a delivery truck appeared, and the gas department showed up and began digging a new gas line, subsequently blocking my view of any other activities I could see.

When I am 80, I will be the little old woman with the binoculars.

Tuesday, new windows went in, and the gas people finally left.

By the end of yesterday, I was doing a jig.


Which brings me to my poll.

What color of siding will they be putting on?


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16 thoughts on “August 21”

  1. “When I am 80, I will be the little old woman with the binoculars.”

    You’re 80!! I didn’t know you were that old. Now put down those binoculars!

    The house is looking great. Just promise me you won’t go introduce yourself until they have moved in. We wouldn’t want the new neighbors to leave so soon.

  2. I kinda figured they were part-time flippers. They’ll get it done and it will be fabulous.

    We had a Pepto Bismol pink house not far from here. I mean PEPTO PINK. The only thing I can think of is that they had some kind of argument with a neighbor and in spite painted their house pink.

    And, I ain’t waiting till 80, I got my binoculars now!

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  3. APPLE….due to CC’s extensive upbringing, she has no doubt already introduced her self, taken them some cookies and punch and invited them to church. Who would want to leave with neighbors like that???

  4. With a log cabin you don’t have to worry such things as color unless you consider “WOOD” a color. I voted for beige, but only because my choices were limited. With two front doors, it looks like it will be a rental property. But, I bet they’ll like cookies and punch anyway.

  5. I already have the binoculars and I do use them, not that it helps with all the trees in the way of me and my neighbors but hey we like it that way….they can’t see us either.

    I voted for white siding because that seems appropriate for Victorian. Maybe black or some other color for the shutters.

  6. Mr & Mrs Fix-It are awesome! That house really is looking good. I,too,hate to see houses in bad shape. It just looks so sad. I hope that whoever moves in will realize how blessed thry are to be your neighbors!

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