August 19

When I was a little girl, my uncle became very serious about his health. He began to take herbs and vitamins, and tell my parents the virtues of eating healthier.

They (the parental units) decided that they, too, needed to eat healthier.

Thus began what I refer to as the ‘yucky poo’ stage of my growing up.

Sweets became very scarce. Bottles upon bottles of pills showed up on the counter. (I thought that one of my parents had cancer) And the most horrific of horrors happened.

Wheat germ.

My parents began putting wheat germ in everything. They even laced our orange juice with the nasty stuff. To this day, if someone mentions wheat germ, my throat begins to close off.

So when I saw wheat germ as an ingredient today’s TWD recipe for Granola Grabbers, I began to whimper.

How could I make cookies, with that…that…stuff in it. I even went so far as to wait till the very last minute to make the cookies.

Because of my little internal temper tantrum, I ended up making cookies on the hottest day of this month.


It was like 228ΒΊ in my kitchen, and it seriously took about 5-7 minutes for my butter to come to room temperature. (I refuse to have my AC and oven on at the same time)

Rarely ever do I tweak a recipe the first around. I generally follow the recipe to the letter the first time (cause I’m a rule follower) then I put my own spin on it the next time.

This time, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I just couldn’t.

I absolutely refuse to purchase that…stuff.

I figured that I would just substitute oat bran. I am not a huge fan of raisins(which it called for) nor a huge fan of coconut(also in the recipe).

Since I was already tweaking the recipe, I figured I would go all the way and make them totally mine.

I made my own granola,(recipe on the side bar) which already had oat bran, and slivered almonds in it.

Oat bran is just really to close to wheat germ and healthiness for me, so I left it out of the recipe entirely.

I used dried cranberries in place of the raisins, and white chips and semi-sweet chocolate chips in place of the coconut and slivered almonds.

One other tweaker I did, was I added a blurb of vanilla. I don’t like to make cookies without vanilla. It’s just unAmerican!

This recipe is so full of chunks and hunks that there is hardly enough dough to coat it all, and I was concerned that they wouldn’t spread, or be cohesive, but let me tell you, they are super.

I definately will be making these again.

Check out Michelle’s blog for the recipe. She picked a winner. Thanks Michelle.

Show of hands…who ate more cookie dough than cookies….anyone? hello???

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  1. Your pictures are art, plain and simple. I love them all and wish you could pop by and take some pictures for me. Good luck with homeschooling this year. And yes, I gobbled up loads of the dough.

  2. Too funny – I think many parents go through that wacky health food phase. Wheat germ appeared in my house too, but I wasn’t forced to eat it, thus no bad associations. Nice job getting around those nasty mental blocks though.

  3. Yum! Chocolate overload! I’d like to say that I ate more dough than cookies, but the truth of the matter is that I ate far too much of each :-p

  4. FYI it wasn’t your Uncle that got us started. I read a book called The Natural Way to Beauty and started that way. I thought I fooled you by putting it in things…lol

    Sorry you thought we had cancer. That must have been scary for you.

    You must have been thankful when Daddy was called into the ministry and we couldn’t afford the herbs and everything that goes with “Healthy Living” If we had the money I would still be doing it and we would be much healthier for it! I still believe in it, but boy the other food sure is yummy!

  5. You are a rule follower????? your motto growing up was “rules were made to be broken ” whenever and however..

    the pictures sure look good…sounds good too..

  6. Love all your pictures! Way to make the cookie your own. Sometimes its fun to break the rules πŸ™‚ Great job!
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  7. Those look GREAT! I love the substitutions, too. I figure this is a cookie I can make differently every time and it will still be wonderful. Oh – and my parents – my mother, mainly – went through one of those horrible super-healthy phases, too. We had to drink these awful, gritty shakes every morning for a while. Ugh!

  8. I didn’t use the wheat germ either!! I couldn’t bring myself to by a whole bag just for this, so I used raw oats πŸ™‚ Great minds think a like πŸ™‚ By the way I love your pictures!! They are so vivid and beautiful!

  9. Hello “rule follower” πŸ™‚ I keed….I’m the same way. Man, your cookies are just amazing! You have such a distinctive voice, I really enjoy reading your posts!

  10. Your pictures are beautiful.
    I am guilty of sneaking wheat germ in my son’s smoothies but he has not noticed.
    Great job on the cookies, I know what you mean by being a rule follower, I am too.

  11. Oh my gosh, too funny. I was a little weary about the wheat germ as well… luckily you couldn’t tell it was in there. And wow, you take gorgeous photos!

  12. Your pictures are the BEST!! I want to take pictures like it the camera or just plain skill! I had so many ideas for pictures..but none of them worked out. Im so busy trying to get the kids ready for school. They go back in two days! Your cookies are WONDERFUL..I love the cookbook picture and your mixer…it made me feel cozy!

  13. Michelle..She’s good at everything she does. She could take good pics with a bad camera, but I have seen her camera and it’s great…but so is she

  14. Great photos, great looking cookies, great post. I laughed, I giggled, I had the best time reading this…and the thought of you wrestling with adding that wheat germ. Such a fun read…thanks for posting. Love your subs for the recipe.

  15. Great post!! And I enjoyed the reply from your Mom, too. By the way, I also had a tough time keeping my fingers out of the dough. It was really, really good. I think the white chips were a nice addition. Next time…
    Beautiful pictures, too.

  16. Yes, yes, add me to the “ate more dough than cookies” list. Actually, I ate plenty of both, come to think of it. I completely understand your aversion to wheat germ. As this was my first TWD recipe, however, I was afraid to deviate from it so I followed it to the letter. You couldn’t really taste the wheat germ, happily! Still, now I have this ginormous jar of wheat germ that needs to be refrigerated (why?) Your cookies look fantastic! I am loving the whole dried cranberries/chocolate chips idea! And all of you who made your own granola are rock stars in my book! Great post!

  17. I love the close up picture of the bowl full of add ins. You can’t go wrong with chocolate. And I think I actually liked the dough better than the baked cookies.

  18. Hi there again…second response to your site. Love it! I am also new to TWD and so a little tardy with my post. Its there now minus my photos. They will get there soon. I hope. Anyway, I have to agree. The wheat germ really isn’t detectable. At least I don’t think so, plus or minus, either way….I think the cookies are wonderful. Chocolate and nuts. How could you go wrong? I love your sense of humor. Kick it girl!

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