August 18

When I was pregnant with my sweet baby girl, I prayed that her hair would be a specific color, and totally gorgeous.

Thank you Lord, for answered prayer.

Unfortunately, I didn’t specify whether I wanted it thick or thin.

She got the thin variety, and while it is soft as silk, it is straight as a board.

When she was about 3 I began doing the sponge curler thing.

She hated it.

The sponge curlers produced great results, for all of 3 hours.

Then, because her hair was so soft, so baby fine, and so long, it would begin to straighten. And by the end of the day, you couldn’t tell that I had spent almost an hour the night before rolling it in sponge curlers, telling her to sit still, almost finished baby, turn your head this way, no sweetie~~ya gotta sit still so mommy can finish.

I gave up.

Till last week.

Last week the girl brought down the big sponge curlers and with her brownish-green eyes all sad, she begged me to ‘do her hair’.

What is a mother to do when those eyes are all sad and pleading?

I cautioned her that it most likely would all fall out.

And I thought I’d photograph the evidence, because I just knew that the Internet would want to see pictures of my girls curls.

If you are not remotely interested in curls and the falling out, thereof, ya just might want to move on. Find something else to do. Eat some chocolate. Text someone. Or bake a cake. Mop a floor. Do some laundry, or clean out your fridge.

If you are just killing time, then this is your blog.

Here is her hair right out of the curls, finger combed and kinky.

She is not pleased with the kink, do not let that smile fool you for one minute.

After about 3 hours, gravity has begun to do its thing.

See…see…look at those eyes.

I just can’t say no.

Around 4, it still had some curl.

We were amazed, and now she wants me to do it all. the. time.

If only she would sit still.

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31 thoughts on “August 18”

  1. Cute!

    I like to curl my hair too. (but I cheat!) I sit on the couch with a curling iron in my hand. LOL! 🙂

  2. I have the same kind of hair! Poor K! I used to BEG my mom to curl my hair, but she would always say, “it won’t hold, but I’ll do it anyway”. Sure enough, mine would end up just like K’s. It does look very pretty though and I think you should do it 🙂

  3. Your Chipette is such a lovely young lady. And she is just as sweet in person as she looks in her pictures. It was sooo fun to get to meet your family.

    I’m hoping to post my kidlets review of your Chocolatechic Cookies (Mr. NASA insisted that this was the proper name for these cookies.) on my blog today.

  4. Can you please come do my hair? I don’t know when I’ll be able to get a perm again, and my hair is just straight straight straight!

  5. Oh, the curly look is so cute on her. Has she ever tried getting a perm? My daughter has the same fine hair, it’s very thick but fine and straight as a board. Nothing worked for her…not even a perm. The hairdresser was stunned, she’d never seen hair that wouldn’t take a perm.

    Your daughter is lovely either way. I worry if your arms will hold up for daily sponge rolling adventures.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  6. The perm is a no. If she wants one when she is older, that is her choice, but the chemicals in perms are so damaging to hair. I want her hair to be healthy…

    Even if it costs me the feeling in my hands and arms.

  7. I have very fine hair too. I also use a curling iron but even then a couple of hours later it is flat again. The trick is mousse (sp?) on damp hair (you roll while damp right?) and then hair spray after the you have the style you want.

  8. The girl looks great in curls!!

    I was born with my mother’s curly hair that changed to wavy as I grew older and allowed my hair to grow in length.

    I just love how the curls loosened over the day, I’d say her hair held up pretty well considering that her hair has no natural curl.

    I’ve never had a perm, most likely won’t due to the cost of doing such thick hair, and my daughter won’t either until she’s on her own and paying for it herself. Fortunately for me anyway if I want to have the perm effect I just do a tight French braid after washing at night and come morning I’ll have hair that others mistake as a perm.

  9. Her hair looks so cute.

    My girls hated it when I put them in curlers. I also use to do their hair in these zigzag things. They looked like a clip from hot curlers where you wrap them around it. They hated them the most, but their hair looked so cute. Curls didn’t last long in their hair either.

  10. She is such a beautiful combination of her father and mother. She has your eyes but her daddys lips and temperment!

    Oh what we women do to look good!

  11. It has taken me quite a while to respond to the comments from the “Our Irrational Fears” post and mostly because I read them with tears streaming down my face. Your comment really touched my heart and I wanted to thank you for sharing your story of how hunger affected your life. When I lived with my biological mother, there were many times that food was not an option. I ate free school lunches and wasn’t sure when my next meal would come. I cloaked my hunger with pride and told no one how bad my home life really was. It wasn’t until I graduated high school that I was able to confide in someone about how bad my homelife had been. My mother was VERY abusive. Without a doubt, those years have contributed to my fear.

    Bless you and thank you for your friendship!

    As for your girl, she’s absolutely beautiful no matter what she does to her hair! There’s a girl who comments on my site named Leah and she creates wonderful all-natural hair products in her home and posts her recipes regularly. I’ll have to email you a link to her site. I love it! I feel sure that your girl would really enjoy making up some of the conditioners and whatnot.

    In friendship,

  12. She can’t help but be pretty. Look at her grandparents and parents. I have straight hair too,but your dear mom keeps it permed and cut for me. At least for now. My boys both had such curls. Remember Tanya. Now Jason is losing his hair and Jarrod’s is not so curly.

  13. Oh, that almost makes me want to cut my hair short again….

    I’ve got the same thin, straight as a stick hair. But I do have a TON of it so it gives the false appearance of being thick. But the individual strands of thin and stringy. I just use hot rollers. They give a few hours worth of curl.

    To cut or not to cut…

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