August 17

Internet, I am so sorry.

I have nothing for you today. You see I had all these plans of photoshopping pictures, and writing such a lovely post about my visit with Julie Beth and her husband yesterday, but something happened.

You see I married a man with a special talent. A most particular, special talent. Superman is the King of picking out the weirdest movies made, and bringing them home for us to watch. He presents these little treasures to us with such eagerness, such hope, such joy on his face that we just can not say no. Heaven help us…we can not say no.

Last night was no different. Superman and the boy had gone out to investigate the festivities going on here in Pothole (Canal Days). To do this, they had to walk past the library.

Superman rushed inside, because he hasn’t watched every. single. ‘B’. movie. ever. made., and maybe, just maybe he might have missed one. He did.


He came home and presented me with “The Librarian: Quest For The Spear”. It was Indiana Jones, meets National Treasure on a very, very, very tiny budget. The only redeeming qualities of this movie was that it starred Noah Wyle, and Bob Newheart.

So, dear Internet, my brain cells were sucked dry. I had nothing left in me to remotely think about uploading, photoshopping, and trying to type. It was futile.

I think after last night, Superman’s library card will mysteriously disappear.

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11 thoughts on “August 17”

  1. sadly, i know the movie you are speaking of.
    and noah wasn’t nearly hot enough to make the movie worth the effort.
    to make matters worse, i do believe they have a sequel.
    snatch the card.

  2. all men unite behind Superman….we must stick together.
    superman trying to do a good thing and gets abused for it…..we won”t take it anymore… go Superman…

    Super gramps..

  3. While I do understand the predicament of the hubby coming home with a movie you have no desire to watch, ever in your entire life, you really must let your husband know that you love him dearly but you just won’t be able to watch the movie with him. I do it all the time.

    I just have a problem with taking someone’s library card. I mean he should be able to go to the library to check out good reading books.

    Next time thank him for wanting to spend time with him but you’ll go read in bed as a movie is just not what you want to do. Perhaps you could have suggested his favorite board game instead.

    And if the Boy was with him why didn’t he help in the selection of the movie???

  4. My hubby is in to b-rate sci-fi. He loves them and doesn’t understand why all of us don’t. Oh, well, I guess they are harmless.

  5. Just to clear things up…Superman, you are a good man to want to share movies w/your family. CC, you are so sweet, just like the chocolate you love šŸ˜€

    The family that watches crazy movies together stays together =)

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