August 16

If you have been reading here long, you will remember me bemoaning the fact that Pothole, Ohio does not have Ginger Preserves. A most compelling ingredient for my Peach Galette.

Well, Eckmama from This Place Looks Familiar found some and sent me a jar. From 1,500 miles away. What a sweetie.

I couldn’t wait to open it up and give it a taste.

Ginger preserves is more like a ginger marmalade. It has these beautiful hunks of ginger, surrounded by a wonderful ginger jelly.   I am already thinking of all sorts of things I can make with this.

I plan on using it today because Julie Beth from Expatriate Buckeyes is popping over for a visit.

I had better get moving, she will be here soon.

How would you use Ginger marmalade preserves?

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12 thoughts on “August 16”

  1. I would use them to fill up a box I was sending to Pothole, Ohio. LOL! I second what Suzanne said. HOORAY the package finally arrived! I wasn’t even remotely tempted before, but now I sorta wish I had opened the jar and stuck my finger in for a taste. haaahahaha! Gross. Just kidding. I would have used a spoon.

  2. Other than putting it on a piece of bread or cracker I haven’t got a clue as how you should use it.

    I too come here expecting you to show me new ways to use familiar items in my kitchen. I’ve never used marmalade before….wait….I just remembered something…

    Several years ago I came across a recipe by Bisquik, yes I do use a store brand biscuit mix so sue me, for making danish. The recipe calls for putting a tablespoon of preserves, I used jam, in the center. You could try that.

    Of course I am probably too late and your company is probably sitting in your home right now or has already left. But at least I gave you something for next time. 🙂

  3. LOL, how funny. I was just up in Cleveland two weeks ago. I stopped into a grocery store called Zagara’s and picked up this same jar of ginger preserves. After hearing how someone used it on their TWD galette, I thought I MUST have some.

    I’m not in Pothole, Ohio, but southwest Ohio.

  4. I love to eat ginger preserves straight up on toast or a biscuit. I also think you could put it in a layer cake. Chocolate & ginger are really good together, so maybe it would work in a chocolate devil’s food cake, layered with ganache filling. It might also make a nice glaze for grilled chicken. And of course you can always do what I did – make another galette!

  5. that’s the stuff i posted about when i made my galette! it is AMAZING! i think it really made my galette PERFECT 🙂 you have to try it in that recipe…

  6. Take some and stir into hot tea. It makes a wonderful ginger tea that clears your sinuses and settles your tummy when you are sick. I love this even when I am not ill. I also like to put some in my triple ginger cookies. Stir some into a stirfry. The ways to use it are endless.

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