August 15

It’s Friday and I am nosy.

If you learned today, that you were going to die tomorrow, what 3 things would you do?


  1. I’d visit everyone that I loved and tell them.
  2. I’d eat chocolate till I was sick, then…
  3. I’d eat fried chicken skin till I was sick.


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16 thoughts on “August 15”

  1. 1. Live out the day with the family and friends.
    2. Enjoy a meal at my favorite eatery.
    3. Make sure I tell everyone I see how they can see me again upon passing from this world to the next if they have Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

  2. 1. Get on a flight with my family to somewhere beautiful. Where the ocean meets the sunrise. Maybe the Grand Canyon? Somewhere that has a fabulous all-you-can-eat crab leg dinner.

    2. Compose a post about what really matters . . . email it to everyone I know. Include in there the things I’ve learned .. . the things that I should be bold enough to say NOW . . .

    3. Do *whatever* I could to make sure my children know I love them.

    (Love your recipes!)

  3. Our lists would be the same and, quite frankly, I find that scary. In fact, I’ve eaten chicken skin until I was kinda ill once this week already. I guess I should say that I’d pray a lot, but I already do that. I’d probably start apologizing for a lot. Gee, I’d be a wreck…glad that we don’t know these things in advance.

  4. 1. Spend the entire time with family and loved ones.
    2. Write a letter to the important people in my life telling them as many words of wisdom I could about God, life and living.
    3. Watch the sunrise and sunset and make pictures of everything I could.

  5. 1)Ask for an extention. I really want to hold Abbi before I die
    2)Ask the kids to all bring the babies & Jordyn to me for a little while
    3) Make sure my life & heart are in order, then get ready to be with Jesus & my Mom

  6. 1. Leave my kids a video blog telling them special memories and how much I love them.

    2. I would want to have a big BBQ and invite all my family and all of our church members over. 🙂 I would tell them all what they meant to me.

    3. I would want some special time just for hubby and I. He’s the best hubby ever and I would want him to remarry so the kids could have a mom. 🙂

  7. Oh that is a hard question. There is so much that I know I should be doing and am not.

    1. Make sure that those who are important to me know that I love them and want them to be with me in Heaven one day.

    2. Make my apologies for any wrongs I’ve done.

    3. Try to make as many wonderful memories with my kids and hubby as possible.

  8. “Try to make as many wonderful memories with my kids and hubby as possible.”

    With only one day this would be 1,2 and 3 for me. But knowing that tomorrow is not promised I try to live my life:
    1. Spending time with the people I love
    2. Preparing my kids to live with out me and to care about others that God puts in our path.
    3. Teaching my kids how important it is to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  9. What a MAJOR question. Kinda makes you think if you’re really living your life. Here’s my thoughts:

    1. I’d have a big party and invite everyone I know to come eat, swim and play games like Pit, Skip Bo and ???

    2. I’d fly my family up to Colorado for one last time and show them my favorite spot up on the National Monument in Grand Junction.

    3. I’d give away everything I love to everyone I love and tell them that nothing in this life lasts except for Jesus but to enjoy what some of the things I loved too.

  10. Dang girl you really pose some questions for thought!

    1. Gather my family all around me and have the biggest party you ever saw.

    2. Give things away to the people that I want them to have and tell them why I am giving them that thing.

    3. Take my husband and girls to the Bahamas and sit on the beach and watch the sun go down and then come up.

  11. Everyone so far has pretty much answered what I would do. Elaine pretty much hit it on the head! Mostly I would want to be with my husband,daughters and their children and my sister and their families and of course my dearest friend.

    You know I’ve never really wanted to die, because I love and enjoy life so much…but after Mom died, I thought, I can’t wait to see her again so if I died tomorrow I wouldn’t care. I had a hard time with that because it should have been I can’t wait to see Jesus and then Mom. So I talked with sister chic’s pastor since I was there so soon after Mom died. He told me that it’s natural to feel that way because we could see, touch, feel and talk with our loved ones in a human level. He said we love, talk and feel Christ by faith. That was a big relief to me I gotta tell ya…but, I still want to draw closer to Christ so that I can say, “I can’t wait to see Jesus, then I can see Mom”. I also want to draw closer to Christ so that I know the time on earth wasn’t wasted by what I want!

    As ususal more info than you asked for:)

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