August 13

Several of you have asked for an update the house across from me, and I refuse to disappoint.

After the roof was finished, the house sat silent for almost a week.

Well over a week.

I was getting worried that I would have to look at that awful porch and peeling paint for the rest of my days.

Then last Thursday, I heard this awful banging. It had been going on for some time, but I was totally unaware of my surroundings,  engrossed in blog reading.

Once I came out of my internet hole, the noise was quite loud and obnoxious, and being the nosy one I am, I went out to investigate.

Mr. Owner and his wife had pulled the railing off.

I was so happy…noise?  what noise?

By the end of the day, they had ripped off the flooring, pulled off screen doors, and had gutted the underside of the porch roof.

I love seeing the old foundation.

I wonder who laid the brick. Was he nice, was he old, was he happy to have a job, what year was it, did his wife make him a sandwich to take to work, did he wear old baggy pants with suspenders, did he have 8 children, what kind of sandwich did his wife send him?

Mr. and Mrs. Owner worked steadily over the weekend, and the house again stands silent.

One can only hope that they side it.

Maybe I could start a petition.

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16 thoughts on “August 13”

  1. Well I think we should do a poll on type of siding and/or color. I mean afterall, being ‘internet’ neighbors, we all have to look at this house through your photos. I ‘see’ this house right here through my monitor everyday!! I should have a say in siding type and color too, right?!! 😛 LOL Soooo, do a poll and then take the results over to Mr and Mrs Owner and I’m sure they’ll appreciate not having to make the decision on what type of siding and color to choose. It’s the neighborly thing to do. 😉

  2. I think that a certain part of the post should read “After I came out of my internet black hole…”

    I think it looks really nice with the new porch. Just need a few rocking chairs now and you would be all set to be nice and nosy.

  3. So glad to see someone has taken an interest in restoring such a wonderful old home with so much character. Can’t wait to see the finished project. Please keep us updated with photos as the work progresses.

  4. Very nice porch, looks very sound and strong.

    The sandwich was probably roast beef or chicken.

    The siding should be shingles, of course if that is out of the price range then go w/nice white vinyl siding with black shutters, red would be nice as well.

    I like the idea of the rockers & Adirondack chairs on that porch.

  5. I have to wonder what the inside looks like…being the HGTV fan I am I would love to see the inside and what a couple thousand dollars could do for the place, esp. around here where 2 grand would make a nice dent in the place……hmmmmm. Gotta love old and renovated houses!

  6. I am thinking chicken or roast beef also. That seemed to be the thing several,several years ago.I bet your other neighbors might have some leftover paint they would donate!!

  7. That’s going to be quite a pretty place when all is said and done. Of course, They could just decorate with primitives or whatever… put up some chalk signs, old jugs, washboards, and gingham bows and never have to paint at all. How about that idea?? That’s what my neighbor in Washington did.


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