August 4

On my street there are 15 houses.

10 of them are middle class Victorian homes, and the other 5 are 1940-50’s ranch’s.

All of the houses are well kept except one.

It is a blight on the neighborhood, and anyone who has come to my house knows exactly which house I am talking about.

Across the street and one over is a middle class Victorian duplex. It has seen better days. I have always done my best to crop it out of my pictures or not even come close to photographing it because ….Hello! blight!

There have been many colorful tenants in that house.

“Psycho” ~~ a man who had multiple personalities. I finally called the police on him when he was in the lawn with a knife shouting mad-man ramblings. He skeered me, and I’m fearless!

There was also ‘tat-man’~~ he had tons of tattoos.

“Yeller and Bratty boy” moved in after “Psycho” moved out.

After that there was plain old Gloria. I knew her name. You couldn’t miss it. Her daughter screamed it every time she came over.

But for the last 2Ā½ years that house has stood empty, quietly sagging a little more every year.

Last summer, a on-line auction sign appeared in the front yard.

The house sold for a whole $900.

It should have been condemned.

I was hoping against hope, that the new owners would bulldoze it and start over.

This year, I had to call the health department twice because the new owners hadn’t bothered to contract with anyone to mow the yard, and while 3 foot tall waving grass looks great to Little House on the Prairie, it doesn’t look good to Little House on Victorian Lane.

About a week after the city came and weed whacked the entire yard, men in suits began to show up in expensive cars, carrying leather note pads and cameras.

It is amazing what a new, solid, straight roof line will do to the look of a house. She doesn’t look sad anymore.

I pray that the men in suits will also see fit to side the poor dear.

She deserves it, and so do the rest of us here on Victorian Lane.

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11 thoughts on “August 4”

  1. That reminds me of our old house. LOL! (before renovations!)

    I would love to continue to see the improvements if they keep on working on the house. *hint,hint* šŸ˜€ Home renovations fascinate me. šŸ™‚

  2. What a lovely home it could be! Nine hundred dollars a bargain for the lot alone. Hope that it’ll see even better days soon! (I have a few blights that I faithfully crop out, too. )

  3. Oh yes, definitely an eyesore, but now on the road to recovery! Please keep us posted on any other improvements they make. I love watching “works in progress!”

  4. Hopefully they give it a full renovation!!! They have made a good start.

    Maybe you should talk to the men in suits and discuss paint colors??

  5. Oh, my goodness. Isn’t it amazing what just a new roof does? They should keep going. It will up the value–kind of like “Flip That House,” LOL!

  6. Unless the foundation is totally shot I see a lot of potential for that house. I do hope that the owners will continue to work on her and bring her back to her former glory.

    I also pray that when she is restored it won’t be to the point of elevating your property taxes.

  7. One of the things that struck me was just how filthy the house is. If you notice the top 2 feet of the house, that is the original color of cream? the house was.

    I honestly do not care what color they do the house, as long as it isn’t neon orange.

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