July 11

July 11???

Good gravy, wasn’t it just January, like 3 weeks ago???   Time, it seems to fly.  quickly.  over my head.  away from me.  as I grasp empty air.

Anyway, it’s Friday, and I am nosy!

When was the last time you had your hair cut?

Mine was just a short 4 or 5 weeks ago, and the poor soul that cut it had no clue what she was doing.   The girl and I spent well over an hour the next day “fixing” to the best of our abilities what we could.

My poor head will be getting relieved of this shambled hair do either today or tomorrow.

July 10

C has become a regular at our house for awhile now, and after supper last week we found out that the poor kid had a deprived childhood.

He had never played Clue before, so we decided to educate the poor boy.

First rule of Clue, never ask ridiculous questions, like “can I see your cards for a second”.

Never let them see what you are writing. Someone might try and peek.

Last but surely not least, never leave 2 boys men in the room alone in the middle of the game.





You might just come back to this.

July 8

I have never had blueberry pie. As a matter of fact, until about a year or so ago, when my son brought me home a real blueberry muffin from his place of employment, I had never had wanted to even eat a real blueberry.

The closest thing I had ever gotten to one, was in a Jiffy muffin mix.

I lay the blame for this horror squarely at the feet of Willy Wonka and Violet. As a 9 year old girl, watching someone blow up like a purple blueberry freaked. me. out. with a capital Freaked.

Today’s TWD is Double Crusted Blueberry Pie, and I have to say that it was fabulous. I’m just glad that I didn’t blow up into a purple blueberry and have little orange men in green shirts have to roll me to the juicing room.

This pie calls for lemon zest and a squirt of lemon. Lemon compliments blueberries like peanut butter does chocolate.

It also called for a bit of dried bread crumb in the bottom so that the crust wouldn’t get soggy, but I used graham cracker crumbs instead. It added just a bit to the flavor, and guess what…no soggy crust!

I took it to our family’s 4th of July picnic, and everyone said it was superb. One man said “with every bite I took, there was a burst of flavor” and he was right. It was just. that. good.

Thank you Amy for picking this lovely recipe.

Thanks to you, I can now watch Willy Wonka again.

July 7

I was going to blog about something totally different today, but a horror happened yesterday and I just have to share.

The girl was sitting outside watching the boy across the street mow the grass reading. She called inside and all I heard was “orange”.

I perked up, wondering what was going on, because if I am nothing else, I am nosy.

Superman said “the neighbors are painting their porch orange”. I couldn’t believe it because it is such a lovely house, and maybe Superman’s X-ray eyes were on the blink.

This is what I saw when I poked my head out the door.

Maybe they are just priming it for a totally different color. Maybe a lighter color. Perhaps, a lovely shade of blue.

Blue and beige siding would look lovely together, don’t you think?

They are painting it orange. Not just any orange though, hunter blaze orange.

My eyes…my eyes. They will never be the same again.

Were they drunk when they made that color choice? delusional? color blind? I would have helped them if they had only asked.

We don’t live in a gated community or even one that has rules about how high your grass should be cut or what kind of flowers you can have growing in your yard, but good googlie mooglie…have a thought, have a second thought, have a third if you like, or a smack upside the head about what an orange house will do to the neighborhood.

Have a care that even though you might like orange, you are sitting inside your house and don’t have to look at it like those that live right across the street will have. to. look. at. it. forever.

They have even ripped off the shutters from the bottom half of the house. Can you even begin to imagine what the house will look like with orange shutters.

At least we now have a great land mark. Turn right on X Avenue. We are right across the street from the beige and hunter orange house.   They might as well throw turquoise siding up and call it good.

My eyes, my eyes.

Send salve, quickly.

July 6

Remember this little guy?

Well, his new mommy and daddy were up visiting this past weekend, and we were able to see him for a little bit.

Wanna see what he looks like now?

He was sound asleep, so I rolled him around trying to get him to wake up.

Didn’t happen.

I tried everything short of dropping the poor guy on his head to get him to wake up.

I wanted to play with him.

Didn’t work.

So I just held him.

He is so soft.

I want another kitty.

July 5

What do you do on the 4th of July?

For us, we go to Superman’s parents house and have a reunion of sorts. That is about the only time that all of Superman’s side of the family get together, and yesterday wasn’t any different.

Badminton and Volleyball nets are put up.

And those who are bored stiff pretend to play.

Even those who aren’t bored stiff pretend to play, because who wants to chase after a little birdy in heels.

Please don’t ask me why she wore heels. I had other things on my mind than policing her wardrobe.

Nothing noble like God Bless America, or praying for our troops overseas, or even I am so proud to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

But more on the lines of … I sure hope my dessert doesn’t burn, and there had better be some bratwurst  there, and I sure hope that someone brings something chocolaty, and hurry up lets go ’cause I am all kinds of hungry.

Yeah…I am classy like that.

July 4

For those here in America, Happy Independence Day.

For those elsewhere, happy Friday.

It’s Friday and I am nosy.

If you could live on another continent for 1 year, which one would you choose?

For me it would be Europe, hands down. There is so much history, and culture that I want to experience there I would, in a heartbeat, live in Europe. I wonder if the Queen takes on boarders at the palace in Buckingham?

July 3

Butterscotch pie. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like butterscotch pie.

I have this fabulous Amish recipe that an Amish friend of mine gave to me years ago.   I make it all the time, but it never seems to set up. So I went a googling and found a different way to mix it up. It set up this time, and I was ever so happy.

First you need a pre-baked crust. I took this photo because I wanted proof that my crust, before it bakes, is very lovely.

After bakeage, however, it never seems to look so nice. I refrigerated the dough before rolling it out, I refrigerated a good half hour before I baked it, and still it shrinks. I need advice people. I need pretty crusts.

Melt your butter and brown sugar. I used dark brown sugar. I love dark brown sugar. You can use light. I generally do but I had a bee in my bonnet, so I went with dark this time around.

Have your bowl of eggs, milk and flour all ready beside your stove so you can pour it in at the proper time. Make sure that you don’t cook your butter/sugar mixture to long. It might begin to caramelize and it might cause you some serious angst. Just sayin’.

Now begins the tedium. You must stir constantly (unless you have to stop to take a picture) until it is thick. This means that you are chained to the stove for about 12-15 minutes.

After it is sufficiently thick, pour it into your shrunken pre-baked crust.

Take your leftover egg whites and make a meringue.

Bake this for about 12 minutes at 350º. Let it cool. Please let it cool. Please don’t stick it in the fridge after it is only slightly cool. Bad things will happen…like the meringue will shrink…making the pie just ugly! Tasty, but ugly.

Recipe is on the side bar. Now go forth and bake.

July 2

Mostly Wordless Wednesday.


It is what ties us together. It is what overlooks faults. It is what makes us go on. Sometimes it is the only thing that gets us up in the morning. It helps us through the rough times, and makes the good times even better.

Love…blessed be the tie that binds.

July 1

I read 77 different blogs.

It’s true, I just counted them on my reader.

One of the blogs that I have been reading for about 5 months now is Quirky Cupcake. I have no clue how I got to her blog, but I did.

Over time I saw that she was doing something called Tuesday’s With Dorie. I saw the best recipes. Sticky buns, decadent brownies, cheese cake, etc. and I just knew I had to do this.

For 5 long months on Tuesday’s I would wait in anticipation of what would come next, to see exactly what I was missing out on.

It only took me 3 months to figure out that they were actually making the same recipe from Dorie Greenspan ‘s book Baking: From My Home to Yours.

I finally got a steal on the book,(thank you Amazon dot com) and now…now I am a part of TWD.

Whoo Hoo!

Growing up I would hear people (mostly old people) say “I just had the best apple pie with a hunk of cheddar cheese”, and I would think “gag!”

You just don’t mix fruit and cheese together. Not apple pie with all that cinnamon and nutmeg and crumbly topping….with cheese?

Forgetaboutit! It is a total ruination of the apple pie, people!

So, when I joined TWD, I was so excited. Hoping against hope that the first recipe I would do would be something truly gooey….or maybe chocolaty, or even caramelly.


My first recipe with TWD was Apple Cheddar Scones.


Let me just say that these are fab! Totally fab, and instantly  rearranged how I feel about apple and cheddar together.

How could I have been so wrong? Old people really know what they are talking about. (sorry old people, you were right, and I was so very, very wrong!)

The recipe called for dried apples, but I don’t like my fruit to be chewy, so I used fresh. I also used pastry flour instead of all purpose. We were warned that the dough was sticky to begin with. That should have shot warning bells off in my brain, but since the brain isn’t firing on all 8 cylinders anymore, no warning bells of danger happened. So my pastry flour didn’t give the scones the stability they needed, and they spread. Spread like a middle age belly.

It didn’t matter, because the taste of these are so wonderful. The cornmeal adds a delightful crunch, the apples are slightly sweet, and the cheese…well, I again have to say I was wrong.

(don’t faint dad)