July 30

When we moved to town almost 6 years ago, it was a huge change for us.

We were used to quiet peaceful evenings.

That doesn’t happen in town unless it is 23ΒΊ outside.

We were used to letting the kids go out and play whenever they liked and not have any fear that they would be harmed.

In town, you keep your kids close by.

We were used to fresh air.

That doesn’t happen in town, period.

We were used to not seeing neighbors unless you walked at least a half mile down the road.

In town, the neighbors sit on their front porch and stare into your living room through your middle class Victorian windows that almost reach the floor.

When I began to notice the neighbor’s watching our every move on a daily basis, about 3 days after we moved in, I got the idea to plant a lovely “fence line” of Rose of Sharron hedges. They grow marvelously fast, and are outrageously beautiful.

They are now tall enough to block pesky neighbors from viewing me blog every morning, and watch Law and Order CI every evening.

Now if I could just find a way to keep that little girl off her scooter at 10pm….

PS. There is going to be a give away tomorrow.


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17 thoughts on “July 30”

  1. Robert Frost said something about fences making good neighbors. I’m addicted to the quiet and nothingness out here on the prairie. But I would love some of those middle class floor-to-ceiling Victorian windows!

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  2. Are you flower and plant knowledgeable? We’re looking for something to put in front of our living room window. Right now, we have these two plants (??) that attract snakes and ants. Not a good combination.

  3. Surfette~~I some about plants, but not as much as I’d like.

    Kiddo~~they really do. That is one of the reasons that I got them because I just wanted to plant them and be done with it. I do have to prune them every so often, but they do well with pruning, and hold a lovely shape.

  4. Neighbors…oh joy πŸ˜›

    I once had a very paranoid older woman neighbor, she hung black garbage bags up in her windows! Everytime I would see her outside she would stare at me and give me mean looks, so I would jump up and down and wave both of my arms around over my head at her, she would run inside, I never could figure out why?lol!

    A give away!? Sounds like fun! πŸ˜€

  5. Could you show us a picture of the entire “fence”? We keep trees on the sides of our property for privacy as well. I’ve told hubby that I’d love to thin out some of the unwanted trees, the cottonwoods to be exact, and begin planting evergreens that will grow to a reasonable height and get wide to shield us from neighbors who like tossing their ‘garbage’ into our yard and allow the trash to get all the way through to our yard :grr:

  6. Beautiful blooms! Now about those neighbours..have you ever thought of inviting them over for tea and some of that delicious home-made galette? Or are they really that unreachable? πŸ˜‰

  7. lol….CC, I come here so often on the weekends, I love you girl..these pics are beautiful! Is the boy caught up on sleep yet?
    warm and loving hugs from Mona

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