July 28

I didn’t realize it when he got home, but the boy was in some serious withdraw.

In Panama, he had no electronic devices at his disposal. No laptop that he could hop on any time he liked, no TV, nothing.

After he recovered from his lack of sleep, and hugged his mamma, he hugged his laptop, and it hasn’t left his side since. I think he is making a side holster for it.

I kid…oh, I kid.

Yesterday, all I heard was laptop, blah~~blah, iTunes, yadda~~yadda, resync iPod, techno~~gobbldigook

Which really meant that he wanted to unhook the modum from my computer so he could attach himself to the internet. Which meant that I had to unattach myself from the internet. Which means that I go into withdraws, and that internet, that isn’t a pretty sight.

We have been discussing getting a Wi-Fi thingie for quite some time, but this time, the boy offered to go halvsies.

I sent him to Stuffmart forthwith.

Verily he came home and we began the process of uploading, rebooting, connecting, moving wires.

Nothing happened, except that now neither of us were connected to the internet.

It got ugly, quick.

I punched in the 1-800 number to my ISP to get some vital information that was missing from all the uploading, rebooting and connecting.

For two. and. a. half. hours. I was on the phone with the Philippines (thanks Kent, your English was perfect).

2 ½ hours of her telling me to type in this, and me obediently doing everything she asked.

Go here, ok.

Click enter, done.

Are you connected, no.

Near the end of the 2 ½ hours, she began to realize that it just. wasn’t. working.

We said goodbye, exchanged vital information, and we now are sending each other birthday cards because after all that, we are BFF’s.

Sarcasm internet, it is what gets me through.

Near the tail end of Kent and my conversation, Extrachips mom popped in and I asked the boy to please call the other 1-800 number to FINALLY FIX THE STUPID THING OR IT WAS GOING BACK TO STUFFMART.

5 minutes later, after talking to India, it was fixed. 5 minutes, internet, and I know exactly what my problem was. I wasn’t talking to India. I wasn’t chatting with someone I could barely hear or understand.

So, the next time you call tech support, and you reach someone you can understand, ask to be transfered to India.



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19 thoughts on “July 28”

  1. DH and DS did something similar yesterday trying to get DS’s Xbox connected to the Internet – I didn’t pay much attention until I lost MY connection! Umm excuse me…… Why does he need video games anyhow? Gimmie back my Internet!

  2. We had the Geek Squad come out to hook up our wireless connections. I like the Geek Squad.

    I’m with you about communicating with India. The only problem is everyone over there is named Paul Jones or Linda Marshall. REALLY! The firms outsourcing their call centers are giving these people new identities. The thought process is that you will be fooled into a sense of security that you are talking to Paul Jones instead of Gupta Shridi Sai. What they don’t realize is the real security lies in the fact that yes, you are talking to Gupta in India!!!

    Glad everything is back to cyber-normal. I know what you mean about techno-withdrawal. There’ll be a post-graduate in Psychology doing their doctoral thesis on this subject any day now.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  3. At least the people in India are polite – even if hard to understand. I’ve had to do that a time or two too. 😀 Glad you got it working – and be warned – WiFi is habit-forming!

  4. LOL…sounds like my own delema…I often wonder (and I am the least prejudice person I know) that when you call these places, understanding what the person is telling you is crucial…shouldn’t we have the option, without critisizm, to ask for someone who does NOT have an acccent that you cannot understand…because it wastes both of our time, and we don’t want to lose that…just wondering…

  5. I’m sorry about the issues w/getting your wi-fi set up. We had my dad here shortly after we got that and he had mom & I go out and buy a different set up – one he trusted more (hubby & I didn’t complain because he was making this a gift to us 🙂 ) as he would be making use of it while they were up visiting.

    Make sure that you have the necessary firewalls in place and that your computers have to have the web key (or whatever the code is called) to access the internet. We’ve learned to also shut our connection down when we’re not home so that no one can get through.

    It is great to have. The computer that is directly wired to the modem is the one that’ll have the fastest download time – my desk top is faster than hubby’s laptop because mine is hardwired.

  6. next time CC call me and i would have come over right away. you know that i love to work on computrs. i could have most definatly had th ewifi working and urs working much quicker. o well u live u learn


  7. We got(i should say,Jarrod got) one of those wireless thingys. He and Dan had it hooked up in no time. Next time give him a call, he would be glad to tell you how to do it.Glad your on and everything is okay.

  8. Glad you got it all taken care of. note duly taken with India…if (and that’s a BIG if) The Man Beast can’t fix what ails my computer, I’ll be giving a little jingle to India.

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