July 27

The boy was glad to be home till I said some fateful words to him. Son, Superman isn’t home and the lawn needs mowed.

After that, not so much.

Bless his heart, he mowed. Then for the rest of the day, he rested, and ate, and rested and ate, and fell into bed at 7:30pm.

He brought his sister a bracelet, I received a cell phone holder, and he also brought home some coffee~~Panamanian coffee~~the stuff that they sell to Starbucks. I am not quite sure if it is for him, or for Superman, but my motherly instinct says it isn’t for Superman.

But let me just show you the prize he got for himself.

Yep…yep…yep! Told ya. Very male.

He couldn’t wait to show me this, tell me all the virtues of this knife with brass knuckles andΒ  “knock out knob” on the end.

I asked him when or where would he use it, seeing as how we aren’t violent people.

He had no answer.

Please don’t come to Pothole, Ohio with malicious intent, you will most certainly meet with some resistance in the form of a a blue handled, much polished lethal weapon.

Yes, it is very good to have him home.


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16 thoughts on “July 27”

  1. Rejoicing here with you on your boy’s return home!!! It’s so great that he’s had the opportunity to help others, and that you are a Mama who supports that!

  2. Omigosh, I thought he was on a mission trip but it seems that he was training with some Special Ops force called “Wolftoothknife”. Yeah, I’ve heard of them. Remember, at one point in my career I held a top secret clearance. That fact is a source of great amusement for my children.

    I’m very glad that he returned home safely……bearing gifts.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  3. What’s a knock out knob? Why are there different..edges? on the blade? How on EARTH did he get that through customs and security, etc? He should have brought home a machete. Would have been more fun to “mow” the yard that way. ; )

  4. I kinda figured it would be something like that πŸ˜€

    I’ll show my son later and he’ll be drooling all over my desk and keyboard and trying to cut it out of the monitor πŸ™„ Thanks, Boy, now my son is going to be trying to get our dist. teens to take a trip to Panama so that he can get one of those as well. πŸ™„

    His father will probably want to go as well, to chaperon, did I spell that right :???:, and make sure he doesn’t get ripped off – right after he buys one for him self. I’ll ask their question right up front…Does it come in Camo?

    Welcome Home, Boy!!!
    Don’t forget to hug mom lots and tell her how much you missed her and her home cookin’, nothin’ there even came close. πŸ˜‰

  5. Eckmama~~last time he went to Panama, he brought home 3 machetes.

    He said that in Panama, customs is all done by hand, and the person hand checking his trunk didn’t even find it.

    The “knock-out knob” is the little round thing on the bottom of the hilt. You whack someone over the head and it is suppose to knock them out.

  6. That is an interesting souvenir and very appropriate for a young male. It resembles a WWI trench knife.

    My husband has a switchblade that he bought when he was in high school on a missions trip to Mexico. What is it with mission trips, young men, and illegal weapons? lol

  7. Wow that is some knife! But hey it was good to see him at church today along with the others and all the pics. It is good to have a church that believes in sending people to do missions work. I will definitely stay away from your side of town….lol. thanks again for a great blog.

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