July 26

He’s home…he’s home…he’s home.

It was so good to get up this morning and see his car parked in front of the house.   I waited as long as I could (8am) and tip-toed downstairs to his room and just watched him sleep.

I will tell more later….after he tells me, but let me just say…….his souvenirs for himself are very male.


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20 thoughts on “July 26”

  1. Isn’t it great to have them home? When my son was in Mexico, I found one of his shirts left on the couch. Don’t tell him, but we (his sisters and I) kept it nearby because it still smelled like him. ;-D Only a mother would understand!

  2. Hip! Hip Hooray! Dont ya just love it when the kids come home from something big in their lives and they can talk for hours and hours straight about it! Just love those moments,..umm hours!

  3. Glad that he’s home safe and sound 🙂
    I look forward to hearing all about his adventures and seeing the wonderful pictures he took. He did take a camera with him, right? 😕

  4. glad to hear they arrived home safely…..now mom you can breathe he is home and now the stories you will hear..great news!!!

  5. I’m glad he’s back! Enjoy.

    As a mother I understabd being anxious to see your children. It doesn’t stop when they move out either!

    Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  6. Yippee! Home is just the best, isn’t it? No matter how far away we may wander… home is always in our hearts.

    I love the picture!

    I just got home from L.A. and am still dancing around the house just thrilled to be here.


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