July 24

Got an email from the youth leader from Panama.

I’m going to c/p it here. (protecting the names, of course)


Hey all,

Greetings from Panama! Our trip has been great so far and we are all looking forward to finishing out our time well and seeing our famlies. Daily each of us are being challanged and depending on the Holy Spirit! We have got a lot of projects accomplished and also had the opportunity to love on the people that we are around.

Just to highlight each member:

M is seeing patience and helped with stitches
B is seeing patience and oraganizing the clinic
R has done a great job with tutoring and crafts
H has welded and painted
S is doing mechanical work (mostly on a massive trailer)
The boy is currentely digging and grading dirt(I want to know if he is doing this manually, or has he acquired some sort of heavy machinery~~regardless, I am quite sure he is in the absolute height of fun)
D is digging and a great assistant to us adults
B worked on trailer fabrication, electical and supervising projects

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support! We could not be doing what we are doing without you! We will be arriving home on Saturday about 3am. I would say that the best part of our trip so far is our time sitting on the pourch at night taking in the view and sharing in each others lives!!!! And as it relates to serving <I believe we would all agree that going to the school and delicing and loving on those kids was AWSOME!!!! We love you and thank you for everything!

Youth Director


Bad segue back to me….

I generally do about 12-14 loads of laundry a week. This just barely keeps me from being avalanched by Mt. Washmore.


Since the boy left on Thursday, and Superman early Saturday (he will be gone till the end of the month) I have one 1 load of laundry. One. And we had to scrounge for that one.

This means that the females in this house only generate 1/12th-1/14th of the laundry.

I think we need to go shopping.

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21 thoughts on “July 24”

  1. The boy will remember this experience for the rest of his life. What a wonderful opportunity. He’ll have lots of great stories when he returns.

    Thanks for the reminder, I’ve got laundry to do today, including my jeans that are covered with thinset from the basement project.

    Yes….you need to go shopping, and so do I.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  2. Sounds like the boy is doing well. Arriving back Sat. at 3a.m. ?!

    Laundry~~I have 7 people living here right now(son home from college.) We do 2-3 loads a day and most of it is from my husband!

  3. The one thing I regret not doing in my youth is participating in mission trips. They sound like a wonderful way to serve. If the kiddos ever want to go, I will do everything in my power to give them the chance. I’m sure it’s an unforgettable and life-changing experience.

  4. working people = dirty clothes

    non working people = very little dirty clothes

    I guess we now know who does all the work around your house….;)

  5. I don’t count my laundry loads; it would depress me! πŸ˜‰

    Glad you got an email. What a fabulous opportunity for the boy to share God’s love! He will never forget this trip. πŸ™‚

  6. My youngest son is the biggest laundry generator in our house. I don’t count DH’s uniforms b/c he takes care of them himself….his preference, but it certainly works for me.
    Sounds like a productive and fulfilling mission trip!

  7. So glad you heard from someone!

    Boy with only one load of laundry you are on vacation!! Bless your lucky stars and have the Febreeze ready when the Boy walks in!!!

    And enjoy some shopping!!!!

  8. I certainly understand about the laundry. I have 3 boys so mine is never done. I know that when I die, if there is a laundry department in heaven- haha, I am going straight to it. The only question is whether I will be in the towel or bluejean section! I will have had all the experience I need to continue with that type of laundry! (I know there won’t be a laundry department in heaven but I tell my boys this all the time and they think it is funny!) With all the males in this family, I am always outnumbered.

    Glad The Boy is having such a wonderful experience on the mission trip. I can’t wait to hear more about his trip when he gets home.

  9. I don’t count my laundry loads either, too depressing πŸ˜›

    My laundry goes up when both guys are home vs when it’s just the girls. Of course you have to take into consideration that guy clothes are bigger and heavier than girls – I’m sure the manufacturers are assuming that the guys need those reinforced knees and heavier jeans than girls do. Then factor in that they are usually bigger than the girls and you know why the laundry is greater w/the guys home than the girls.

    Glad you heard from the youth leader and know what the Boy is doing down there – not just sipping coffee w/pretty girls πŸ˜‰ I know he’s not doing that, not the type πŸ˜† Give him a big hug from all the “aunties” who had to console Mama while he’s been gone. ❀

  10. you tell um gramps… the only reason our clothes are dirty is the fact that we have to do the dirty jobs. such as yard work and other manual labor that makes us sweat and what not

  11. mission work really changes a persons life persective usually for the better….what great oppornunity huh.

    hey I love the banter between you and applie. do you know each other in person or just in bloggyland?

    anyhoo as she would say…I’ve tagged you for “7 thing about me” is that ok?

    have fun with it. peggyann

  12. I’ve known Applie for about 4 years now. I’d love to know her in person, but alas, just on the internet.

    If she would just move north where you don’t have to drink your water, it would be much better.

  13. just you wait till the boy and girl move out and on their own….things change drastically…We do 3 loads a week between hubby and I that’s all. it sounds like the team is having a great time, course anytime you take a missions trip it is a great time.

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