July 23

The boy finally called yesterday afternoon. I was so excited, if I could have, I would have done a jig.

A few weeks ago, the boy went to spend the day with my parents. He came home with 2 flags to retire. You should never fly a flag that is dirty, faded, or torn in any way.

He asked if I’d like to help. I had never seen a flag retired before, so I said sure.

The first thing you do is beg to use your mother’s best Gingher scissors, and cut the stripes out.

Then you cut out the field.

After your flag is all cut up, you must start your fire.

No flint and steel for this Boyscout…it is cheating fire starter all the way.

You burn the stripes first.

Then the field.

Always being respectful to the flag.

Bury the ashes when they have cooled.

You don’t have to be a Boyscout to retire a flag. You just need a pair of scissors, fire starter, and respect.

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21 thoughts on “July 23”

  1. I have one flag that is worn and faded, but it is the one that I flew while Dh was gone to Iraq. I don’t think I could retire it that way. I just folded it up and put it in my cedar chest.

    Thanks for pointing this out though. I personally did not know this.

    Glad the boy is doing well and you got to hear his voice.

  2. I never knew you had to cut up the flag like that….great post and great pictures.

    My eyes teared up seeing him standing there paying homage to the flag as it burned.

    I’m glad you finally heard from him….I know that takes a load off and you feel better just hearing his voice.

  3. You know, just the other day I was thinking about the disrespect I see to the flag. They’re hung out 24/7 and in all kinds of weather. I remember when the janitors of all the schools and businesses were required to raise and lower the flag each and every day.

    That’s for the heads up on the proper way to retire a flag. I knew they were to be burned but I didn’t know the proper procedure. We take flags to the VFW and they retire them.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  4. We have 2 flags that hubby needs to retire but that will wait until he comes home next month. We have 2 new flags to put up, one for us and the other for hubby’s aunt – he took his uncle’s down a few weeks ago as it was getting bad but she didn’t have the heart to do it so soon. She’s glad hubby took care of it for her.

  5. That’s wonderful information. I didn’t know how to properly do that. Wish you’d let everyone in on how to properly display a flag. ;> To see the flag displayed incorrectly raises my ire. Guess I should just be glad that someone cared enough to display it in the first place.

    Yay for hearing from your son!

  6. Eckmama….your boy need an all wise all knowing gramps like “the boy” has to raise them right..

    from “gramps r us”

  7. I am apparantly a very hormonal person, as I kinda lost it when seeing your son with his hand over his heart like that…can’t seem to stop the tears.
    I hope my son Seven will have so much honor and respect. Great kid you have there.

  8. Please enlighten me as to the reason you cut the stripes first and then the field. It was very interesting to find out. Made me tear up to see Dean like that. Glad he finally called home.

  9. Glad to know Dean is doing well. If you hear from him again before he comes home, tell him I said “Hi, and I love him.”

  10. What a sweet young man you have there. It made that lump well up in my throat and I got chills as I saw the photos of him retiring the flag. Even to this day I get that teary eyed lumpy feeling when I hear taps and our National Anthem. Been that way ever since I had been younger but more so when I joined the Navy way back when. I am out now but I still have my pride in my wonderful country and it’s nice to see that some younger people today also have that same pride.

    Your a great mom!

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