July 22

I think the best thing about doing TWD is the fact that I get to try new things. Things that I would never, ever do without prodding.

Today’s TWD is just that. Cherry Rhubarb Cobbler.

There are 2 basic things wrong with this.

1. I do not like cherries. Oh, I love cherry flavor. Cherry juice, cherry candy, cherry pie~~minus the actual cherries~~, cherry cough drops, but please don’t make me eat cherries.

2. I do not like rhubarb. Rhubarb is green. Green= good for you. I don’t do ‘good for you’ in dessert….blech….

However, I would. not. be. deterred. I’m kind of stubborn like that. (Don’t faint dad)

Thank you Amanda from Like Sprinkles on a Cupcake for getting me out of my comfort zone.

Then I found a third thing that was a huge problem. Fresh cherries.

My dad’s favorite pie is cherry pie. Whenever mom made dad a pie, she did the ‘open the can and dump’ thing. This recipe called for fresh cherries, and I uhhhhh had to uuuuuuuh pit them? How do you pit cherries?, but more importantly, how do you pit cherries without a pitter?

I put out an SOS to the TWD group. I had lots of advice,(hair pin, unbent paper clip, and even a chop stick) but it really wasn’t clicking. Then I got some pictures. It was the pictures that did the trick, ’cause this girl is a visual learner. It was a picture using a metal ice cream spoon~~like one you would have used 50 years ago at an ice cream parlor.

A turkey baster was the closest thing I could find, and it worked.

I finally got brave and  popped one of those fresh cherries in my mouth. Wonder of all wonders…cherries are good. I like fresh cherries. Canned cherries leave a lot to be desired, but the fresh ones. Wow! oh! wow!

I pitted almost 3 pounds of cherries, and afterwards, my fingers were the color of my cherry stained headboard. I know this because I checked.

I wondered who was the first woman that looked at her hands after pitting 3 pounds of cherries and said to her man “hey, this would be a great color for my pie safe your making me. I’ll go pit 5 more pounds of cherries so you can make the stain.”

She obviously didn’t have enough to do, because it took me well over an hour to pit the 3 pounds I pitted. No wonder ma opened the can and dumped.

I love the fact that the topping on this particular cobbler was made with whole wheat flour. This would have to be the very first time in my life that I have made a dessert with whole wheat flour. Dessert is not the first thing that comes to mind when I hear whole wheat.

I gave this lovely cobbler to my dad for his birthday present. Love you daddy.

I made him try it before he went home so that I could tell you what he thought, because there was absolutely no way I was going to try it. Fresh cherries or not, it still had that rhubarb in it, and this girl will just happily go on through life blissfully unaware of what rhubarb tastes like, thankyouverymuch.

Some things that he noted were, that the juice was good, but needed more sugar, and that the topping was good, but needed a bit more salt.

If you happen to love cherries and rhubarb, please go check out Amanda’s blog, as she has the recipe.

I am just going to have to be content with my Dove Dark.

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23 thoughts on “July 22”

  1. I’m not a rhubarb lover either. My co-worker used to bring tons of it to work and try to pawn it off on me. I just can’t get into the idea of eating something that looks like celery, in a dessert recipe. Perhaps if I was starving.

    Fresh cherries are awesome. It’s the same with most canned goods, the fresh items tastes nothing like the canned. I thought I love asparagus back when the only way you could get it other than springtime was canned. Mushy, icky.

    The whole wheat topping sounds interesting. I make whole wheat egg noodles but they are very, very dense and heavy. Is that true of this topping too?

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  2. very dense….maybe mix 50/50 with white flour…
    hockey pucks come to mind…it was good…..whipped cream on top is a nice touch..

  3. Oh, rhubarb is yummy. You are missing out. I have never tried rhubarb and cherries, but my family loves my strawberry-rhubarb pie. You can not eat rhubarb on its own. Well, unless you want to feel your cheeks touch. But, dump a bunch of sugar on it and it makes a delightful dessert.

  4. I’ve never had rhubarb with cherries before.

    I love to eat cherries, my favorites are the Reineer ones (I probably butchered that – FireFox underlined it for me but I’m going to see if they have a better spelling for it – nope so I’m leaving it). Freezing them makes them last longer.

    Anyway I love to have strawberry-rhubarb pie or cobbler. Rhubarb alone – no I wouldn’t eat it. It grows really well up here and anyone who has it has a lot of it.

  5. Oh, Tanya, I love Rhubarb. Strawberry-rhubarb pie is to die for!!I will tell you though, if you need a laxative, rhubarb is the one. I always used a bobby pin to pit my cherries.

  6. there is absolutely nothing better than fresh sweet cherries. ok so they come from Buehler’s (our local grocery). Just thinking bout them makes my mouth water…yummy! Yes CC I am like you give me fresh cherries any day but canned ones ew they aren’t my favorite either.

  7. Yes, fresh cherries bear no resemblance to their canned counterpart, although I confess to loving them both. Glad you found a new pleasure in the fresh variety.

    What a neat way to celebrate your father and his special day.

  8. It was a first for me as well using wheat flour and I still wonder why my wheat flour is a lighter color than most everyone else’s…it said Extra Wheat? Go figure.

    I didn’t get to use rhubarb and my first experience with that was just last summer out of Aunt Nita’s backyard.
    Yummy too.

    I had fun mangling all the cherries though. Your post is great and your cobbler looks wonderful..sorry you couldn’t eat it 😦

    I look forward to your post next week!

  9. I love raw cherries. It’s the cooked ones that stop me. And rhubarb is one of the best foods ever. Some day, you must try it. It was a lovely effort!

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