July 20**updated**

STILL….no word from the boy. Maybe this morning I can beg some information from someone that has heard from someone who has heard from someone. I am quite sure he is fine, but still…

Yesterday, the girl and I watched some chic flicks, I painted my toes a lovely shade of dark pink, extrachip C. came over to check on us, the girl did some embroidery, and I made a pie~~which I will tell you all about tomorrow.

I had these 2 pie crusts that the boy made before he left. I was going to make Superman a blueberry pie for him to take to Columbus.

Sadly, the blueberries were all green and fuzzy when I got to them Friday evening, but I still had those pie crusts, so a pie was begging to be made.

This pie crust recipe is so very tender. It is my new favorite. Not only does it taste great, but you make it in the food processor, which is absolutely the best…especially for a lazy woman like me.

I have always folded my dough into quarters to get it into the pie pan just like I watched my mom do for years. This method has served me quite well, till my new favorite dough came along. Because the dough is so tender, it really doesn’t want to co-operate, even with my foolproof method.

How do you get your pie crusts into your pie plate? I need a rip proof method, because I can not give up this new favorite dough recipe. I refuse.

Oh…and any suggestions on what to do with this last pie crust? I want to use it before it gets all green and fuzzy.

**Update.   No one has heard from anyone in Panama.  This morning Pastor called the head of the mission there in Boquete and asked him how everyone was.   Allen said that they all are doing well.   It rained yesterday so they went to the closest town and went shopping.

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17 thoughts on “July 20**updated**”

  1. Okay, who raised that boy?! 😀 Gosh, I do hope that he remembers to call so he can put your mind at ease or that you are able to speak with a parent whose son or daughter has called.

    Sorry about the fuzzy blueberries… How about some pie crust cinnamon rolls with the remaining dough? Delicious, flaky, and buttery…great combinations!

  2. My pie crusts come in the piepan already!lol You could make a butterscotch pie and pretend I am there to help eat it.

  3. They went shopping? Maybe you’ll get something lovely to make up for not calling you.

    Hey – did I miss the recipe for the new favorite pie crust? I’m thinking that you should make a nice pecan pie with the crust. What I do to get the crust into the pie is to roll it up on the rolling pin and then unroll it over the pan.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  4. I’m no help w/the pie crust, you already know I buy mine.

    I’m glad that you and the girl took our advice about things to do why the men fold are away, that was sweet of Extra-Chip to come over for a visit.

    Knowing you, anything you make in that pie crust will be wonderful.

  5. Farmer’s Wife….I was wondering the same thing…?

    Did we miss the recipe for the new fav pie crust recipe?

    Is CC holding out on us?

    I know she wouldn’t do such a thing….tapping fingers of only hand that works….

    Maybe the pie recipe will come with pictures of another pie….?

  6. Hi I have been “de-lurking” (I think that’s the term for reading but not commenting?) for quite some time and I am finally um, coming out of hiding:) To comment about pie crust! My mom bought me a wonderful device that I can send you a picture of if you would like. It is clear plasitc in the shape of a circle. It zips up. You flour both sides lay your ball of dough in the middle, zip it up roll the dough out and there you go! Perfectly shaped pie crust. You unzip the thing and flip over on top of your pie pan and it never fails!
    p.s I first found your blog through Tom Z.’s GRN blog 🙂

  7. I am sorry you haven’t heard from the boy chip, but glad you know he is doing well. 🙂

    I like raspberry pies, pudding pies, applie pies, and pumpkin pies. 😀

  8. I roll my pie crusts out between two pieces of waxed paper. You peel one side off, lay it in the pie plate and then peel the other side off. It works really well. I learned it from my mother.
    Hmm, I think a pecan pie would be delicious!

  9. Or you could pop it in the freezer for a later date.

    CC, I have a question unrelated to pastry. Awhile back on PH you discussed switching from Purex to Tide laundry detergent. I was just wondering if there was a noticable difference? My grocery has Purex on sale 5/$9 so I was thinking it may be worth the switch.

  10. it was good to see you this morning and to hear the team is alive and well….I will be praying for you and the girl to be able to bond more during your girl time…I love spending time with my girl. thanks for a great blog!!! I really enjoy reading yours!

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