13 thoughts on “July 19”

  1. Eat lots of chocolate, of course. Have clean bathrooms. (or are they just dirty when they’re little boys? is there hope for me?) Go out to dinner a LOT. Rent a bunch of chick flicks. Shopping would probably be necessary also, so you don’t run out of chocolate…lol. Oooh! My sisters and I like to go get pedicures together, y’all could do that! Nothing like pretty toenails to make a girl feel good. ; )
    It’ll be tough the first day or two, but then you’ll get the hang of it, and when they get home you’ll think “Oh, you’re home already? Wow that was fast!”
    Have FUN, girlies!

  2. Have lots of fun! Shop, eat out, watch chick flicks, have a party, go visiting…it’s going to be great!

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