July 18

I have heard nothing from the boy…not a little text saying “Here. Flight wz gr8. ❤ U. ” or a little email saying “Were here, mom, long flight, tired. Don’t worry.” or even a little 30 second phone call saying “We’re here safe, I love you”. Nope…not a blessed thing. sigh.


It is Friday, internet, and I am nosy.

Tell me one thing you miss about being a child.

For me it is the closeness that my sister and I had. We were super close, now that we live so far apart, it isn’t easy.

Yep….I miss my sister, and my John Boy and Mary Ellen paper dolls.


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  1. I miss Saturday morning cartoons. You know back in the day cartoons were on *only* on Saturday mornings. I kind of miss that.

    I miss the magic of childhood. The innocence of it all. How the summer seemed to go on forever.

    I miss tomato and potato soup that I used to make in my bedroom. (I used to put potatoes and tomatoes in a cup, fill it with water and put my desk lamp over it to ‘cook’ it.) I was a weird child.

  2. I miss “Roy Rogers”, “Fury”, “Cheyene”, “Bronco”, “Maverick”, “My Friend Flicka”, and “Combat”. But, MOST of all, I miss Grandpa and Grandma’s farm.

  3. Yeah…the farm was so fun.

    I remember playing with Great-grandma’s cast iron stove. I was totally fascinated with it. I wanted to live back in the ‘old days’ even then.

  4. Odd – I have fond memories of childhood, but I can’t think of anything I “miss”. I like being a grownup I guess. And I can’t believe I didn’t know about Walton paper dolls! We still tack -bob on the end of everyone’s name ala “Jim-bob”. 🙂

  5. I miss the following: Aunt Cindy making fudge or popcorn on Friday nights, playing games with the siblings and Mom, then when daddy and I were dating playing Monopoly with cousin Jerry, your dad and my sisters, the security of being a child and not having any grown-up concerns, My daddy watching Gunsmoke on Saturday nights while we polished our shoes for church the next day, the excitement of the holidays (when they drew near mom had a way of getting us excited about them), Christmas and decorating the HUGE tree, coming home from school to smells of Mom cooking dinner(sepecially on a stormy day), my dad singing “Sherry Baby” and other “Pop HIts” off key to agravate us, my dad and brother going on camp-outs and it just being us girls, but most of all I miss our “family” being all together!

    Today I especially miss Mom on what would have been her 81st birthday.

  6. I miss staying at my grandma’s for the weekend. She would cook me oatmeal with raisins for breakfast and we’d stay up all night watching old movies. I also miss our summer vacations to exotic places like a farm in Wisconsin or a farm in Florida!!! I just miss the family that we were.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  7. I miss my mother being my mother and knowing the way my kids know now that Mommy will take care of/fix everything. I grew up, and my mother became my friend (which is good! I loved and treasured that relationship), and then the last several months of her life we reversed roles and I (and my sisters) took care of her. Still wouldn’t trade it for anything, but I miss having someone I can go to and lay my head in her lap; someone who knows more about me than I know about myself; someone who can always make it better just by being there, because she’s my mom. : )

  8. What I miss about being a child is coming home from school and smelling turpentine. Yes, turpentine. My mom was an artist. I would then know that she had been working on a masterpiece the whole day I had been at school. I think she used the turpentine to clean her brushes??? My mom was an awesome artist.

  9. I can’t say that I miss too much about being a kid. Well, except for not having and responsibilites and bills. But, other than that I really can’t think of anything. Aha!!! Thought of something. The Dukes of Hazzard. Phew!! That was hard.

  10. I miss being able to go out for hours in the sunshine, going to church camp, vacation bible school, having grandparents living behind us, just being a kid and not worrying about paying bills when times get tough.

  11. I miss watching The Wonderful World of Disney while eating my Mom’s homemade pizza. It was a Sunday night classic for my family. The other thing I miss is playing cards with the grown-ups. My family loved to play Scratch. There was always lots of laughing and joking. 😛

  12. being carefree. I didn’t have to worry about the price of gas or food – not thinking about house cleaning or laundry. Just thinking about how much more swimming and playing I can fit in the day.

  13. Running and thinking it was fun.
    Climbing trees.
    My purple banana seat bike.
    Playing outside ALL day.
    Not wearing seatbelts.
    The total trust & dependence that a child has in their parents.
    Being picked up by my Dad & sitting on Mom’s lap.

  14. riding in the back of my dad’s pick up and going over this little dip that would cause your stomach to flip. We got to stand up when dad went over this dip and we jumped in the air….it was fun. being in the country, riding bikes everywhere, playing in the hay loft building tunnels, going to sleep hearing the crickets and the frogs at night. our family sitting down to dinner altogether and talking bout our day.

  15. I really misss my grama. I would spend almost every Saturday with her. I also miss just being able to be carefree and easy and not have to worry about getting meals on the table and laundry done.

    You crack me up~~over at Donna’s you said that reading the price of gas was spectacular. 🙂

    If your son is out of the country, his cellphone won’t work unless you made arrangements ahead of time. 😦

    John-boy paper dolls!? Seriously?! Now that is really funny.

  16. I miss the feeling that summer was this long stretched out adventure with lazy days playing outside or going to the pool. Now I have too many responsibilities and less time to just do nothing!

  17. I miss Sunday afternoon rides in the country. After church we would go home, change clothes,climb back into the car, fill the tank at 29 cents a gallon, then head off on a ride. We wold stop at the little store in Lawrenceville and get a loaf of bread, a pound of balogna, and a pound of sliced cheese and that would be the most scrumptiuos lunch.I too miss the family time we had. Rough day today,being mom’s birthday.I didn’t get to call her and sing to her. She made childhood days special.

  18. Mom made everything special. Happy 1st birthday in Heaven, MOM. I miss laying on Mom & Dad’s bed while they read the Bible to us, Dad carrying me when I was sick,(I thought he was the strongest man in the world to carry a big 6 year old like me….) Hearing Jimmy’s first prayer, “Father Father…Amen”, riding in the back window of our old car * ‘falling asleep’ so Dad would have to carry me in, seeing your dad’s bicycle pull up to our yard, having him pour pepper on all my food….Can you get the idea here that we were a Christian family & that I liked to be carried around as a kid??????
    I also miss Cindy’s stories to entertain me…Vanessa from Venus… that must be where Amber gets her creative ability……I mostly miss Mom & Dad & getting to spend every day with my wonderful sisters.

  19. I don’t really miss anything because I still have everything. My parents still know better than I, and I still talk to each of them nearly every day. The Man does most of the worrying about the bills, I can still play on the farm and listen to my grandparents’ stories, and my brother and I are still arguing over everything and nothing. 😉 I still goof off on the weekends, and there’s nobody around to tell me I should be cleaning my room instead! Being a grown-up rocks! Okay, I do miss not having to cook dinner every single night, but I really like being able to choose the menu, so it’s all good. 😉

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