July 16

Oh internet, I had plans. Plans like you wouldn’t believe.

Remember this?

Well, after about a year of procrastination I went out to hang laundry and was treated to a worse sight.


I put it back together to make it look better, and to appease the horror at my procrastination.

It was time to call someone.

Did you know that 90% of my foundation is not block? Who knew that Victorians preferred clay tile over concrete? What were they thinking?

So, Mr. Contractor said that he would be out sometime Saturday afternoon. Superman and the girl had a Stuffmart fashion show to be in, but I had plans.

I was going to blog in detail the restoration of my foundation. I had witty things I was going to type. It was going to be great!

I also wanted to be there for my family. So because I know that contractors are notoriously late, over budget, and take months longer than planned to finish a project, I told the girl that I would go to Stuffmart to watch her.

I just knew Mr. Contractor would be late and I would have plenty of time to capture the restoration process in full digital glory.

I came home an hour and a half later to this.

I guess Mr. Contractor didn’t get the memo.


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25 thoughts on “July 16”

  1. Is that the front of the house or the back? You could always paint it to match the others, couldn’t you?

    I’m glad you got it fixed and that your contractor is ummmm….reliable. 🙂

  2. Gotta love a contractor who shows up on time! But, as you have pointed out when the do this they throw our expectations off.

    At least your house will not fall down in the corner.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  3. From you photo of Mr. Contractor I had a feeling he was a pro who took great pride in his work. I’m glad that he lived up to what my first impression was. His work looks clean and strong, no messes left for you to clean up. I say reward him by telling all your friends he’s the man to call.

    So where are the photos of the fashion shoot? Come on now woman.

  4. come on momma you know better than to leave home without the camera. especially to the girl and superman’s stuffmart show. jeesh. i am just glad that the show went well and you got the house fixed.

    hey do you know how to get the username/email and the password from a blog account.


  5. come on cc!! you need to paint it bright pink, purple, etc. something to keep up with the house across the street!!! glad that it is fixed. Where would we be without our Cornerstone??

  6. Glad your corner is fixed. If it isn’t one thing, it is another. Better paint it quick, before the neighbors come and do it for you out of the goodness of their hearts!

  7. Mr. Contractor showed up and did a good job on the repair! I’m sorry you missed the photo opportunities…for the house and the fashion show! Was the repair as expensive as you anticipated it to be?

  8. Hi, I just found your blog through The Pioneer Woman’s blog. All your food photos are gorgeous:)

    I just started a food blog and added you to my blogroll. When you get a chance please check it out.

  9. I’ll bet that contractor was THRILLED that you weren’t there to take pictures of his work. He probably read your blog & came early on purpose….Maybe he’s not photogenic……..or is a photophobe…….

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