July 14

Last Monday was the first day of school for the girl.

Yep, we started school early this year.

We have a lot to accomplish this year, and I get a case of major burn out come March/April.

Because I know this sad fact about myself, I always begin school so that we will be finished around that time. This year, we had to start last Monday.

Last Monday was a day of firsts for us.

It was the first day that she did school as a 10th grader.

It was the first time I took a ‘first day of school’ picture, and there was only one child standing in front of me.

It was the first time that the boy wasn’t down there making us laugh.

It was the first time she was learning alone, and it made her sad. I knew how teaching her alone would affect me, but I had no clue how it would affect her.

I went downstairs for something and she had tears streaming down her face. She told me later it was because she missed her brother, and she put a picture of herself and her brother in a picture frame and put it on her school desk so “her buddy would be still with her”.

It is amazing how one person can affect so many.

Go out and affect people for good. Let them remember you with pleasant thoughts. Make such an impact on those around you that they are sad to see you go.

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13 thoughts on “July 14”

  1. It brought tears to my eyes,too. I dont want to think about that time that is fast approaching when there will only be one,or none ,to send to school!!!
    We are planning a vacation and we are already down to half of them going along!!! boo hoo!!

    Thanks,CC, now I will cry when two leave for camp today!!!

  2. This whole mothering thing has a lot more snags than expected, doesn’t it?

    I dread my oldest being away, and will not only miss him, but all his friends who have become like my other kids. I told the middle guy to step it up!!! haha

  3. Omigosh! That one made me tear up and here I’ve just given you an award for making me laugh. (I don’t think you do awards, but don’t worry. It’s all good.)

  4. this time with the girl will go rather quickly….I know….with my youngest getting ready to start her final semester at college I think back to when she first started…..trust me cc time marches on but make plenty of great memories with her and no one can ever take those away. My baby will be standing on her own two feet soon as she gets a job and starts to repay all those school loans….but she will always be my baby!

  5. Boy that made me sad. My son will be starting 10th as well but not till Sept as we’ve just got too much going on in Aug. to make it possible for me to begin school the first Mon. in Aug. as we usually do.

    This year I’m going to take a picture of the 2 kids.

  6. That is what Amber said Saturday when we were going through Gram’s things. We were pitching some “stuff” and she said,”We don’t need things to remember Grandma by. We have wonderful memories of times with her.” The next two years will go fast for you two.

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