July 13

The boy is leaving Thursday morning for a missions trip to Panama.

To raise money for the trip, the youth are being sold as slaves today.

Since the chips already know how to be proper slaves, it won’t be any hardship on them.

I am offering a gift certificate for baked goods, one a month for a year.

How much do you think it will bring?

I will let you know later on this evening. I sure hope it is more that $10.


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15 thoughts on “July 13”

  1. Oh, it’ll be way more than $10! That’s my prediction. How wonderful that your son is going on a missions trip to Panama. He looks like the salt of the earth already, but to be able to serve in this way will be a great joy for him!

  2. Your baked goods once a month for a year?

    At least $120, which is $10 a month and a bargain at that price.

    I sure wish I were there to help raise the money or to buy your certificate – I don’t think that the goods would travel very well.

  3. Ohh! I so wish I could bid. Your baked goods always look so fabulous! As for slave work I’d have your Chip do some mentoring of my oldest boy kidlet. He wants to be a chef and really looks forward to your posts about your son’s cooking. Could he stop by Tennessee on his way to Panama? Oh yeah, and bring that cool mixer of his, my boy thinks it is way too cool!

  4. I, too, was thinking like Elaine and thinking that maybe it would go for about $100 at least, but it went for $45.

    That is $45 more $$$ than the kids had to begin with, so I am good with that.

  5. $45.00? That ought to get them a couple cupcakes a month. You should have gotten at least $100.00We will be praying for him on his trip.
    Had a rather rough day yesterday at your Moms. It is hard to go through a loved ones trinkets and stuff. Grams kept all the cards you kids made her all through the years. She loved each and everyone of you soooooo much.

  6. Only $45.00? A half a dozen peanut butter cookies each month it is then. LOL

    Earlier this month I got $20.00 for 1 dozen 4th of July cupcakes.

    You should of gotten $200.00!!

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