June 28

Thursday evening, the girl came up to me and told me she wanted her hair cut. I asked her how short and said I’d cut it if that is really what she wanted.

14 inches of hair in the trash later, her hair is now short.



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12 thoughts on “June 28”

  1. I always thought that she was maybe a year younger than her brother with her long hair, even though I know she’s not.

    Anyway, I thinks she looks great either way. The short hair will be easier to care for but I’ll bet there’ll be a day when she’ll decide to grow it out again. She’s young and female so chances are she’ll change her mind.

  2. I hope you didn’t actually throw the hair away. Locks of Love would take her hair for a wig for a child or Pantene’s Great Lengths for Women would take it too. There’s lot of info on line about it. I’m working on growing mine out now.

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