June 23

I know that I am going to seriously disappoint many of you, but I did not take any pictures of the boy’s party. Once people began to arrive, I kicked into ‘hostess’ mode and I didn’t pick up my camera. I had considered it, but then my sister-in-law showed up about ½ an hour before the party was to begin, and I knew that there was no way in the world I would pick up my camera for the rest of the day.

…bad segue…

I am bored, internet. Bored. stiff. I have nothing to look forward to when I get out of bed except making my bed, laundry and cleaning. Cleaning and laundry. Have I mentioned laundry? I need something to occupy myself with. Knitting has lost its appeal, I don’t want to read, there are no kittens to entertain me, and yesterday… yesterday when I went to eat a piece of chocolate, it wasn’t even good. I stopped at one piece, internet, one. piece. It is a sad situation. Very sad.

Send help.

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  1. Take a small road trip! It helps every time. Do something fun that you keep putting off! By yourself or with someone special.

    If you are really really desperate you can come to WY and help us hay???? haha

  2. I say you need to work on plans for you and the boy’s bakery/catering/good eatins place of business. That will give you a few years of something to do. And it is something to look forward to. The boy still needs to go to chef school and finish. So, you could be thinking of all the technical stuff and scouting out buildings and such. Unless the site is going to be your kitchen then what new appliances you would need. Then you would need a menu of sorts. Then there is all the PR involved. The list is endless and could go so many different ways. That could really keep you busy. And it would be something to look forward to. I know I would be looking forward to it.

    But, anywho that is just my opinion. lol.

    There is always dusting…….:lol:

  3. I say you find yourself a good summer read, and then hunker down on your deck with a glass of lemonade and tell the chips not to bother you. Or maybe pamper yourself, paint your toenails, get your hair styled, get a facial or a manicure. Go see a chic flick with the girl. Go buy a plane ticket and come see me 🙂 I bet we would be fast friends and you’ve always wanted to visit Canada right? I’ll be finished work on Friday – come next week! Hurry you just have time to pack!

  4. Every time I think of something the cardinal outside interupts my thinking. Hey, you could go bird watching! Or go to the zoo. Or you could scrapbook. Or you could go walk the dog, do you have a dog? Wait no you have kittens, sorry. You could redecorate! That’s always fun for me anyway. Do you have a ceramic store nearby that allows you to paint your own lovely home items or gifts? Or you could go take a painting class, speaking of painting you could paint a room. Well, just some of the ideas I have for you.

  5. Here’s my prescription: Don’t do anything! Well, do what little bit of laundry and cooking you absolutely have to do to survive. But, other than that, just tell yourself you are Taking A Week Off!!

    You don’t sound bored to me so much as you sound burned out and probably more exhausted than you realize. Sit around, drink lots of fluids, eat lots of yummy fruit, watch bad TV, listen to weepy country music, put your knitting and some books or magazines next to your chair so you can find them IF they start to sound appealing. But just veg out and get your oomph back.

    When you start feeling an interest in doing something you’ll know you’re getting back to normal. Go hit the bookstore and look at crafting books, maybe look at embroidery or quilting magazines or gardening books.

    Of course, what I REALLY think you should do is come to NC and visit me. 🙂 First, I will put you to work making sablees. 🙂 Then I will sit you down with fabric, thread, and charts and get you cross-stitching, because there’s nothing like cross-stitching to soothe the frazzled mind. THEN we will be really evil and concoct a plan to arrange a marriage between your handsome son and my beautiful daughter. And then they will kill us, of course, but it would be fun while it lasted. 🙂

  6. I have had this feeling many times, and what has always made it better is finding things to do for other people. To help other people–whether they know it’s me or it’s something anonymous.

  7. Eckmama has a great idea.
    Take the focus off of you and put it on someone else. Volunteer somewhere you can help others. Maybe the SPCA to help care for the kitties. Of the hospital to rock babies.


  8. Sounds like you are due for a girls night out! Volunteering is a great idea, too. I tend to think that you do plenty of that already (and I think that you live for your family and church). Perhaps a little bit of fun with the girls will put the pep back in your step. It works for me. I call up my buddies from knitting circle and change the scenery — hang out in Waffle House or go bowling. Sometimes I just need to get out of the house and breathe. Sometimes I just need a break from cooking, laundry, weeding the garden, and cleaning.


  9. Oh my goodness…I want to be bored so badly.

    Come on over here and I’ll give you something to do!

    My husband just brought me dark chocolate from France…

  10. Can you find volunteer work at a local animal shelter or at a hospital? I know the United Way can pair up people with great volunteer options. I hope to do lots of volunteering when my kids start school.

  11. Oh I know what this is…it’s the letdown after a big event has been planned. The cure? Another big event. ;>

  12. Tis the season CC, you just graduated your boy, and they are getting old enough to fly with the wings, you so lovingly have given them…it’s a time of reflecting…for you, for praying and for just letting yourself grieve a bit, treat yourself gently..and let the tears come if they want too.

    But don’t park there too long..you have so much love and joy in your spirit,and a gift to know just the right thing to say..The Lord will use you, you will see, warm loving hugs friend…Mona

  13. I too know this feeling,but do not have time to let it overtake me. I am too busy with my children at the day care. There you go, you could volunteer at a day care or even a rest home. Maybe read to them or just chit chat. You have soooooooo much to offer.

  14. Girlfriend – go get yourself a good movie or two or three. I of course recommend Poirot or Miss Marple or Cold Comfort Farm but that is just me and have yourself a little movie fest in bed with some good take out chinese food and the hot beverage of your choice and you will feel bettah soon.

    Tis okay to feel blah once in a while you know.

  15. Thanks for all the suggestions.

    I lazed around yesterday because 1. You suggested it, and 2. because I strained my back and it hurt like well…..a back ache.

    Today is a new day.

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