June 19

Yesterday the boy actually had some spare time, and it wasn’t 476º outside, so I grabbed my camera as we walked out the door to run some errands.

After dropping off 2 job applications, we took some pictures.

I took many suggestions to heart, and am finally…finally satisfied with these pictures.

This is the first one I took. He asked for this pose. I aim to please. I totally love the wall behind him, and all the history that goes with it.

Same wall. I just love this one.

We moved over to the old barn in Roscoe Village. It has such character, I really wanted to get him with it.

I just love old barns.

I really need some advice on glare from glasses. I tried taking this from different angles, but I got glare from every single one, and we were in the shade.

We moved to the tunnel.

GOBA is in town, and this tunnel is smack dab in the middle of a walking/biking trail. There is enough room to drive a car down this path, but someone thought they would be ‘cute’ and try to run the boy over.  I wanted to tell them what I thought of their ‘cute’, but I didn’t.

I did much better this time. I am pretty pleased with the results. When I get the rest photoshopped, I will show the rest.

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18 thoughts on “June 19”

  1. I like them all, but my favorites are:

    #2, #3, and #7.

    I like #5, except for the orange spray paint.

    Well done, CC!! You have a handsome Dude there. 🙂

  2. I haven’t been to Roscoe Village in decades! In fact, I’d more or less forgotten about it. Your son is very handsome, and your pictures came out great! I just got photoshop on my new computer and need to really check it out. The GOBA people must really like this area, as they seem to come here every few years.

  3. My faves are 2,3 & 7.

    He photographs very well. The orange blotches on the wall in #4 totally ruin that shot – otherwise it’s great – I realize it’s not your doing someone was defacing public property again 🙄

    I look forward to seeing the remaining shots.

  4. yes, Yes, YES!!!! WOO HOO…..they are great. Really great. Look what a difference lighting makes.

    # 2 and #3 are simply awesome. #2 is so great, looking straight into the camera, very confident…wow. Who picked the green shirt because it was a stroke a genius with the red against the stone, the brick and the barnwood. Beautiful. I love #3 because of the interest the barnwood offers and his broad and friendly smile.

    # 4 is good but the composition, color and lighting in 3 is superior. Do you see how you have him in the right hand portion of the frame? That’s following the rule of thirds. Such an interesting composition.

    The organic setting in #2 is also so interesting.

    As you can tell, I could talk photography, composition, color and lighting till the cows come home so I’ll just shut up and say …..

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  5. HOW did I miss these??? Oh I know–the kids were in swim lessons and I wasn’t home to read my blogs in the morning like usual. Still, I can’t believe I missed these, but I’m glad I found them! They’re GREAT! And I’m so happy for you that they turned out how you wanted, that’s the best part. I think #3 is also my favorite, but I like the one in the tunnel too (with the orange spray paint cloned out–it’s distracting). Your son (ha! I first typed “sun”–he’s probably that too, isn’t he? LOL My dad used to say “I’m so bright my mother calls me sun.” I thought he was the biggest dork ever.) –well shoot now I forgot what I started to say. That’s what I get for using parentheses. : ) Anyway, beautiful pictures, awesome job! HOORAY for not giving up until you got what you wanted!

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