June 18

Last Friday I was at church folding bulletins for Sunday service. It isn’t something that I generally do, but I was there, and it needed done. I was needing a break, because folding bulletins isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Whomever folds your bulletins at church deserves a medal, and a good back massage. Every. week. Pay them.¬† Buy them chocolates. They deserve it.

Anyway, I wandered around the room trying to force my right hand to work again, and massage the permanent twitch out from under my left shoulder blade. I stopped at the window because I had noticed a fly desperately trying to get itself untangled from a spider web.

At first I was morbidly fascinated. I hate flies and was cheering the demise of it. Neener..neener..ha ha your sooooo dead…muahahahahahaha All bugs deserve to die!!!

But the longer I watched it struggle, rest for a moment and get back to the struggling, trying everything it could to remove itself, over and over and over again, the more I realized that I have been just like that fly lately. Stuck in a web, not of my own making, doing everything in my power to get out, resting, and trying again. Hopelessly wearing myself out and making everyone around me miserable.

Nothing could get that fly out of that web unless someone bigger, smarter, and stronger disentangled it. Nothing can get me out unless someone bigger, smarter and stronger disentangles me from it. I just need to call for help, and wait for it to come. Resting in Him. Waiting for His timing.

Patience…not something I was born with…something I am learning the hard way, every. single. day.

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16 thoughts on “June 18”

  1. Isn’t it wonderful how God will use other things as examples in our lives. How we all struggle everyday with all the worries of the world not just our own and we forget who is in real control of it all. My mom used to tell me when I couldn’t sleep because of stressing over an issue, she would say give it to God, He will be up all night so I could get some rest.

  2. When we take the time to be still and look around we find His lessons everywhere in the smallest things. Thank you for sharing your lesson with all of us.

    May the Lord reveal little by little the plans He has for you that you may know He’s got it all under control and is just strengthening you for what is to come. What great things are coming in your life, I just know it.

  3. Excellent post. I find frequently find myself saying “Lord, help me to remember that it’s “Thy Will be done, not my will”

    My other most frequent prayer these days is “Open my eyes so that I may see the door you have opened.”

  4. Wonderful comparison of our life struggles. But I just have to ask. Did you help the fly or allow the spider to have a meal?

    You aren’t the only one with morbid curiosity.

  5. Tanya, I pray you will soon be delivered from your web. Let it rest on God. The more you struggle,like the fly, the more entangled we get. I love you.

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