June 17

I am getting ready to go grocery shopping for the boy’s graduation open house this Saturday, and I need your help.

The boy wants those meat balls that have the grape jelly and chili sauce combo, and bbq sauce. I am not going to do both, so I thought I could do something that is in between the grape jelly/hot sauce and bbq sauce. I haven’t been able to find anything similar.

Anyone have a great sauce recipe for meatballs?

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  1. I have a girlfriend who does catering on the side.
    She makes a barbecue meatball that is half honey/half ketchup, plus a bit-o-garlic and spices of your liking.
    They are delicious – she uses mini-meatballs. She never measures – just dumps it all in!

  2. No, I don’t have one. Grape jelly, hotsauce, and BBQ does not sound like it would go well together. I would like to know what you end up with, so post the recipe. =) Are you going to make your own meatballs?

  3. I love the meatballs with grape jelly! I had them for the first time ever when I was taken home to meet the parents of my college boyfriend (my very first boyfriend). The weekend ended in disaster. They gave me wild turkey to drink (I was eighteen and accepted it) and wanting to fit in, I drank it. I then got sick all over their kitchen floor. His mother then hated me and sent me the most horrifying email I’ve ever received upon my return home. I always felt like I’d screwed up and ruined everything — kicked myself for drinking the wild turkey in front of the woman I hoped would one day be my mother-in-law (thank God that didn’t happen!) and couldn’t get over the embarrassment of throwing up at her house. About a year ago, an eighteen year old was at our house and I got to see what eighteen looks like. I then realized how dreadful that woman was to despise me for being young and making a mistake. What eighteen year old would know that wild turkey is the equivalent of syrup of ipecac? Why would any adult offer it to an 18 year old in the first place?

    Not that you needed to know any of that!


  4. “Why would any adult offer it to an 18 year old in the first place? ”

    Exactly!! Serves her right.

    Now what did that have to do with a meatball recipe. ROTFL

    Got anything yet, CC? Why don’t you ask your son the chef? LOL You can always count on me.

  5. Went to Stuffmart and looked at the ingredients on the back of the chili sauce. I am going with the grape jelly and chili sauce. I don’t want to, but I really couldn’t find a good substitute.

  6. my family has always just bought the bag of frozen meatballs that are already seasoned, put them in a crockpot and dumped in a jar of grape jelly! soooooo good! i’ve tried apricot jam just for kicks, it was pretty decent.

    i’ll have to try them with the BBQ sauce!

    hope it all turns out for you!

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