June 14

Everyone has seen my hummingbird except me this year. I have been a good hummingbird mommy. I have put out food, and been on the watch for them, but they have always eluded me…till last night.

Last night, the girl and I were getting ready to leave to watch the boy play ball. I was on the front porch looking at the black sky, listening to the rumble of thunder, and the girl said “look…there he is”. I was so excited. I whipped off my lens cap and got 2 shots off before he flew away.

The lighting is awful, camera compensating for the impending weather, but I don’t care. I have finally seen my hummingbird.

Maybe I should refill the food, since that hasn’t been done in about a month.

Told ya, I was a great hummingbird mommy.

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6 thoughts on “June 14”

  1. Might be a good idea to refill the food. Remember all the hummingbirds Grandma Sheri had around her place? Did Dean get to play ball or did it storm?

  2. He is so cute! I need to get my hummingbird food made and put out too.

    Do you name your hummingbirds? Last year we named ours…Rubius, Emmy(for emerald), Rudy(for Rudolf), Squeek, and Rosie 😀

  3. No hummingbirds in Alaska 😦
    For some reason though I’ve seen the feeders for sale in some of the big box stores (I won’t be rude in naming them but you know them as WM, HD and L…) I’ve asked and am told that the buyers are outside and buy the same thing for everystore…..seems stupid to me but then I’m not a marketer or buyer.

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