June 13

It is Friday and I am nosy.

What color of ink do you prefer to write in?

Black.   It must be black or I go into convulsions.  (Unless it is pink, then my spirit soars on wings) After having taken 4 years of accounting, it. must. be. black.

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  1. I prefer whatever rights smooth on the paper, at the moment it is a purple gel. I have used the gels that smell or have glitter in it. Love to keep people wondering.

  2. I prefer black. I think black was ingrained in my head when I went to Business School. I think it’s supposed to look professional.

    But I like blue as well, especially if I’m doing a personal note.

  3. I’m not too picky about the color, but I am SO picky about my pen. I use the pilot pens, precise v4 roller ball ones. I buy them and hide them from my hubby and kids. I’ll also hoard a pen if I like the way it writes. I think I have about 10 pens in my purse right now!

  4. Blue when using a fountain pen.
    Black when using a ballpoint pen.
    Red when grading papers or addressing Christmas cards.

    I learned the reason businesses require black ink, is because blue ink would not copy in a copier, at that time. It would be very light or not show at all.

  5. I too,because of work,prefer black pens. Like everyone else I like the pen to feel good in my hand and I like a smooth flowing pen. At home because Dad gets so many sent to him in the mail we have different kinds and styles and so who knows what we will pick up. My preference is black however.

    Mom from sister chic’s

  6. When someone calls me and I need to write something down, I would settle for a pen that wrote in ANY color so long as it WORKED!

  7. I definitely prefer blue. I’ll use black when I have to, and occasionally I use red just to be different. I have an aunt who always uses GREEN!

  8. Black for everyday, but not because I’ve thought it through or anything. I bought a big envelope of my all-time favorite pens on Ebay (Pilot Dr. Grip Center of Gravity Ballpoint) and they all came with black ink and extra black refills. So, I’ll be writing in black for some time to come. 🙂

    I have a handful of short little pens in wild colors (purple, orange, pink, green) that I keep with my crafting stuff. I use them when I cross-stitch to mark off my chart as I go…can’t keep track of where I am otherwise.

  9. I don’t particularly have a preference for color, but a “scratchy” pen or pencil drive me nuts. It has to roll smoothly across the page! I hate it when the pen or pencil “catches” on the paper.

  10. I love a good pen that writes smoothly with no blotching. I love color but use black or blue for all legal/business/banking stuff. For personal it can be just about any color as long as it can be read.

    For a while I was using spiral notebooks w/colored paper and writing w/gel pens that had multiple metalic colors in them. Fun writing but the pens were very unreliable.

    Just FYI – where hubby works, on the north slope of Alaska, they give out free Pilot G2 gel pens to everyone. They’ve found that these pens work best up there where the outside temps can easily get down to -60* + windchill and the guys still need to write.

  11. Gold or silver, baby! 😀

    I like pens and I like color, just give me a nice pen in any color and I am happy.

    I have a purple one with a very fine tip that I use to write in my bible. And I am into pink too in honor of Jenna.

    If I had to go the ‘normal colors’ route, I’d pick black.

  12. Being a nurse, I HAVE to use black! Kinda like you being an accountant, it was AGAINST HOSPITAL POLICY to use any other color. Every once in a while I would come across a chart with blue or *gasp!* pink/green/red etc. color and I would look at their name and scold them in my head 😉

  13. It depends on what I need it for…for paying bills~Black or blue…for writing in a card, it depends on the occassion…I have a lot of different colored pens, my purple, green, red, pink, turquoise ones are my favs, so no one else is allowed to use them 😀

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