June 12

Sucked. in.

That is what happened to me yesterday. Tuesday evening a friend came over for supper and cards. She casually mentioned that she had been watching this TV show called ArmyWives. ArmyWives? A new something to pass the time?    Cool!

Since I have no cable/satellite, the only source of television is whatever I can find on the computer. So, yesterday I googled it. Lo and behold you can access it online.

Yesterday I did my morning routine, and after 11am, my backside was glued to my computer chair. Nothing else was accomplished. Nothing. I was sucked. in.

Somebody stop me.

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13 thoughts on “June 12”

  1. Love this show, couldn’t wait for the premier. The other show we are waiting to come back is Burn Notice. You can watch it online also.

  2. Love this show! A couple of the things on the show are off base. (haha) But, a lot of the show is pretty good about showing what it is like. I am totally hooked on it.

  3. “Nope, it is a cross between Jag and Desperate Housewives”

    Please tell me that I won’t be seeing the horrible stuff that goes on in the neighborhood of D.H.! I’ve not watched that show, except when at someone’s home and they love it and there’s not a polite way of leaving the room.

    Maybe I’ll google it and see what I can learn. This could be something to watch at night while hubby is gone or early morning before the family wakes up.

  4. I’m trying not to get addicted to any more tv shows. My favortie is Boston Legal and I think that’s because it’s so far out in left field.

    Most of what I really like is on TVLand. I’m enjoying the Beverly Hillbillies right now, and sing my grandbaby to sleep with their theme song.

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