11 thoughts on “June 10”

  1. It’s looking for chocolate!!! That strawberry is on a quest for dipping chocolate.

    The homegrown variety is so delicious. The strawberries from the store are unusually hard.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  2. Wow!!!!.We have a strawberry farm ( on down the road a few miles) & I’ve only got to go pick once. Froze 8 quarts. But the strawberries are all done here. We can only buy them in the store now for way too much!!! But soon the strawberry farm turns into a blueberry farm & I like blueberries much better. I won’t go pick them though I’ll buy them already picked for way less than at the grocery….Enjoy your strawberries!!!!!

  3. That’s about all I have too. My father-in-law said the first year is always paltry, but that each subsequent year gets better. So hopefully I’ll get at least 2 or 3. Oh, I made your cookies from yesterday and YUM!!!!

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