May 31

When I was 9, my Grams lived with us for a few years after she was divorced from my grandpa.

Church mice had more money than she did, but she loved to spoil the sister and I. She would buy us the cheapest cookies, and cheese puffs she could find, and we ate them with great abandon.

We would eat them in the living room, outside, on the hood of her car watching fire works on the Fourth of July, and even crouched in a corner of the basement waiting for a tornado to pass. Somehow this woman, would always manage to have a little something for her girls.

Yesterday, the girl and I were out doing our bi-weekly shopping, and I came across these. I hadn’t seen them in a grocery store since the Civil War, but here they were, a ginormous bin filled to the brim.

I picked up a package and sniffed deeply, memories flooding my soul.

I put the package down and longed for this wonderful woman who loved unconditionally, who hugged constantly, and who knew how to spoil a girl.

To this day, I prefer a package of .89 chocolate chip cookies and a bag of cheesey puffed air than any other snack in the world.

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  1. Grandmas are the best.

    I’ve always had a special spot in my heart for Special K because of my Grandma. She had a Siamese cat named Sinbad that ate Special K with milk for breakfast. One of my craziest and fondest childhood memories is when I spent the night at Grandma’s one particular time. She let me have Special K just like Sinbad. And I do mean just like Sinbad. I put my bowl on and lapped it up with my tongue. Way past silly, but such a fun memory. šŸ™‚

  2. Memories are so very precious and do leave us longing for the loved ones who have gone on. A bag of “Circus Peanut” candy does it for me–leaves me also with a rush of memories of times long ago.

  3. What a wonderful memory. I brought many of the same flooding back to me. There’s nothing, NOTHING in the world like a wonderful grandmother. Your grandmother is stunning beautiful in a way that runway models could never touch. Look at that sweet face.

    I miss my grandmother so much. I always felt she “had my back”, and she was my greatest cheerleader in life. She worked so hard for her money and when visited the A & P she would give us a dollar at the door and let us shop. It was alot of money back then, but she knew how important it was to treat her girls……just like your grandmother.

    Thanks for the memory.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  4. Oh Tanya, what a sweet memory. I keep thinking of things that she used to do like that. I hope I can be like her.

  5. I remember eating those. I would take them apart and eat them layer by layer.

    I miss Grandma very much. What a good memory.


  6. Aunt Cindy and I shared that memory together while reading your blog. We laughed and cried and shared our grief together yet once again. It is still so fresh with all of us as you well know.

    I,too, remember her buying you girls all of what saddy and I called “junk” all the while reveling in her spoilage of the two of you…

    I also remember the time cornered in the basement waiting for the tornado to pass over. That time I was sharing in the “junk” too.

    I just wanted to tell you thanks honey for sharing a precious memory of you and grandma. I know she loved you so much. She was one of those grandma’s that would do anything for you wasn’t she.

    I love you,


  7. She was the sweetest mother in the whole world. I could never have picked a better one. I still like those cookies too. That sweet picture of her brought fresh tears but bittersweet memories. Maybe she’s sharing those cookies in heaven with Megan right now. We all miss her & love her as much today as ever. Thanks.

  8. This was such a touching post…grandmothers of a certain age all seem the same…nurturers of the soul with cookies and love. I know that you’re missing her…

  9. All my life I’ve heard people say that grandchildren are the gifts from God. I think grandparents are gifts from God. All mine have passed on. But I have lovely memories. Hope you get some “junk” soon and enjoy!

  10. This is a lovely tribute to your grandmother, Tanya. I’m glad you have such wonderful memories of her.

    My great grandma always had those wafer cookies. They were in a variety pack. Strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate – just like the neopolitan ice cream she always had in her freezer. šŸ™‚

  11. Oh yummmmmmmm I loved those strawberry wafers. I remember having them for the first time in her lil apartment. Gosh so many memories. Yes she always spoiled us all so much.

  12. Thank you for sharing such a precious memory.

    I didn’t get to spend much time with either of my grandmothers since I always lived so far away. I do remember my Gram asking me to pick out the dinner for one night each time we went back to visit and I always picked the same thing – fried dough – hardly nutritious at all but the love in that meal was better than any veggie she could have served.

    I too remember those cookies, for some reason the picture isn’t coming up now but I do remember seeing it earlier today, and I loved eating them. I think I need to see if I can find any the next time I’m at the store.

  13. What a lovely memory!

    I’ve never heard of wafers like that (or purchased wafers in the store) but will now make a point of searching for them. What does one serve them with? Ice cream? Sorbet? Hmmm…


  14. Lacy,
    To eat them, one must be all hot and sweaty from playing hard and picking on ones sister.

    Then Grams must call you over. She presents you with her cookies and milk.

    You take your grubby hands and pick out 3 cookies. Stuff as much in as you can, kiss your Grams on the cheek, get a big hug, and go back to playing/picking on your little sister.

    Oooorrrrrr……You can just eat them straight out of the package. They are very light, and refreshing.

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