May 29

I took your suggestions, but I must say I don’t like the results.

It isn’t your suggestions that were bad, it is my photography, or my bad lens, or maybe I am just standing way to far away, or all of the above.

I love the fact that in photography you are constantly learning.

Here is the picture of the boy and the luscious car. When I was a teen, I dreamed of owning cars like this.

Here I have cropped in tighter, and I ran it through my noisewear too. It isn’t bad, but like y’all said, it isn’t focusing on his face.

Here I have zoomed in 100%, and cropped, run it through the noiseware, and it still isn’t sharp.

Here is one that I just photoshopped. I love the bridge.

We should have pulled that weed.

This one is much better cropped close.

Unfortunately the sun was casting way to much shadow on his face. There was no other way to position ourselves in this picture to not get that shadow. Maybe on the opposite side of the bridge. But then I would have had to stand in the weeds, and this girl just. does. not. do. weeds. Or bugs. Or dirt. Like a friend of mine said Thursday “I’m a sissy.”

We are going to go back on Sunday to get more pictures.

I am just totally dissatisfied with these.

Not to be left out is the girl.  Taken with the very same lens.

I must learn faster.

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8 thoughts on “May 29”

  1. The one on the bridge is nice. You could photoshop that weed out of the picture. 🙂 I also thought you could photoshop those shadows out.

    I can’t beiieve the boy is leaning on that car. My husband wouldn’t allow anyone to lean on his cars.

  2. They still look good, but I think I understand more of what you are looking for. When you go back again, focus more on his face and don’t stand so far away from him. It took me a LONG time to figure out that background is good, but what I want to really see is MY KID! Ya’ know? So, I started just focusing on my subject and the background just evolved with it. Does that make any sense? LOL

    Don’t give up! You’re off to a great start!

  3. If you are taking portraits outside, try to do it in the late afternoon/ early evening. The light is way easier to work with. And not sure if anyone has suggested, but are you using the manual focus? sometimes, for me, playing with that helps me acheive the look I am going for. Because like you, I only have a couple lenses…until one of mine gets a full ride to college. If nothing else, you will have many photos to remember this

  4. Get closer – not with photoshop, but with your camera. If you frame your photo correctly, you won’t have to crop in photoshop at all. Also, take pictures early in the morning, in the late afternoon, on a cloudy day, or in a shaded location. That will take care of weird shadows and harsh light.

  5. I am no photographer at all, but my friends teen girlie said he was hot and that you better hope the young ladies don’t read your blog or they are liable to swamp you… he is graduating….and is now a man LOL!! Seriously, I like the pic. I see what you are saying, but I think it will just take some time of you playing with the lens to get what you want.

  6. I agree, focus more on him and the background will sort itself out. Take lots of shots in the same place w/the camera at different angles, later you’ll find the best one.

    What I love about digital photography is that buying the camera and the editing software is the most expensive part. When you use a film camera it’s the film and developing that get you in the pocket book.

    I hope you’ll keep sharing the photos with all of us.

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