May 28

Sunday, the boy and I went to Lake Park and shot some Senior pictures. Let me just say before hand, I desperately need a good lens. I have an ok lens that came with the camera, and I purchased a great lens, but it isn’t one you use for anything further than about 10 feet. I am really bummed at how these turned out. I wanted something that was really tack sharp. Something that we both could really be proud of.

The pictures are good, but not great. sigh…

Anyway, here is a sampling of them using my Nikon 18-135mm lens.

He wanted a really cool background. Kind of an urban/funky feel. This is as good as it gets here in Pothole, Ohio.

I black and whited this one, leaving him in color. He really likes this one.

I love this one.

An opportunity presented itself, so I just HAD to take this one.

This is one of my favorites.

This one was just fun, but I felt like he was getting lost in the background.

So, I did this. He doesn’t like it. I do. I think it is really cool. It looks like he is jumping off that bridge, but he wasn’t.

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21 thoughts on “May 28”

  1. I like numbers 5,6 and 7.

    I need to make some school pictures of the girls, just haven’t gotten around to it yet. You put me to shame with all of your beautiful photos.

  2. I love them all! If he wasn’t jumping off the bridge how did you get that pose? I looked but couldn’t see him holding on to anything.


  3. The one with the car is great but those people….how rude to get into the middle of a celebrity photo shoot…what noobs 🙄

    I love the 2nd one of him jumping, he really ‘stands out’ there 😆

    The one right after the car is very good as well, I think sending out that one and #3 together would be great, a wonderful combo of his personality. JMHO

  4. Great pics!!! Love the jumping one!

    How many pictures did you end up taking in all? I am always amazed how many I end up with when the photo shoot is over!!!

  5. Just an observation from one Sr. Photo taking mamma to another….the backgrounds are great but I would use photoshop to focus in closer on your son. I took about 400 of my daughter and really worked on each one with photoshop and we got about 30 different shots that looked as good as or better than the ones her friends had taken at the fancy photographer in town.

    Check out some of the pics in my blog… most of those I took as Sr pics. (After I spent $300 on sorry pictures the school just insisted that we purchase! UGH!!!)

  6. I think you should go back to the “urban/funky” background and take a closeup shot. Position him about three feet in front of the background, and crop in tight. You’ll still get the urban/funky feel, but it’ll be a portrait of your son and not a picture of a tunnel.

    You’re doing great, Tanya. Keep it up!

  7. I like #6 the best, but I think Melanie has a great idea. Tracie is right too. He does have a great smile, so those pictures are the ones that seem to capture his fun loving personality.

  8. I wanted to add that Daddy and I were talking and think they are really great! I bet he would love to have that car huh? I may be a little on the favoring side but isn’t he a nice looking young man????


  9. He is a very nice looking young man! I like the one you liked Tanya. I thought of you today. One of my kids at school gave me a brown tin with a stipe and a red cross on it for my birthday . The tin has written on it”Chocolate Emergency Kit”. It was filled with little Dove chocolates.The key word here is “was”

  10. I like the one that is under the car best, the close-up one with the green shirt. He has a nice look on his face and the lighting is nice.

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