8 thoughts on “May 25”

  1. Hi – been lurking for awhile now and really enjoy your posts.

    About the cats…something I saw on a couple of animal shows is to take a damp rag and rub it over one cat especially around the head and face areas to pick up its scent, then rub it over the other cat…then do the same with the second cat. Also, if they can be kept seperated for times, using the same scent rag technique, rub it over areas the cat frequents in one room to see if they can get used to each other’s existence without the stress of the other cat’s presences. Then swap cats and do the same.

    I also saw somebody do this with a territorial spraying problem. Makes them feel more secure to have their scent present or something.

    I find animal fights very distressing and wish you lots of luck.

  2. Even the Butterscotch one is gone? Your poor mom will be so distressed,as will your dad.lol! We never had trouble with our cats adapting to each other. Two were brother and sister, and our older one just took them in stride. She knew she was the Queen.

  3. I’m sorry for your loss but I’m sure you made sure they went to good homes.

    I hope that Grace and Whiskey will learn to love each other, well at least tolerate one another. Hopefully familiarity will come with time.

  4. He went to the same place Moonshine and Bootleg went. They were only going to take the 2, but I asked if they would take Fire as well, and she said yes.

    They went to a farm up near Sugarcreek.

  5. I’m so disappointed that moonshine is gone. I was actually trying to figure out how to get it down to Missouri. Oh well…

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