May 18

First I just have to say that “Prince Caspian” is a 2 thumbs up. It was great!

The chips were rather miffed that they added a scene that wasn’t in the book, but the boy said within the first 5 minutes of the movie…”yep…I’m gonna have to buy this one too.”

In other news…

One of these little guys is already in his new home. My mother and father-in-law took Lightening. They will eventually give him to my FIL’s daughter, but she lives in Virginia, so the next time they see her, she will get the cat. My FIL lit up like Christmas when we took Lightening in, so I know that he is going to be happy.

The other 2 are going to a farm up in Holmes county.

This little guy doesn’t have a home yet.

Anyone want a sweet little guy? Please? I don’t want to have to take him to the pound.

He has until the kitten food runs out, then he will have to go.

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11 thoughts on “May 18”

  1. Tanya, how far are you from Austintown? We will be there next weekend. Let me know. If you still have him by then, I’ll take him.

  2. I thought that was the one your dad was Glad you have found homes for the others.Is Whiskey going to make a trip to the vet to get fixed?

  3. If I didn’t know that we don’t want cats, no one wants to deal with the litter box in our house and I don’t want to be the one neighbor that everyone gets mad at the cat that causes problems if it’s outside.

    Did your dad give in and is allowing your mom to have the little girl? I’ll be praying that my favorite little guy finds a good home before the kitty food is gone.

  4. Jen~~ I will have to look Austintown up on the map to see.

    Everyone else~~Dad said no. I had hoped that he would let mom have him, but that’s ok.

    I just really want him to go to a home where he is going to be totally loved on. I love my kitties. I want them to be happy.

  5. If I lived close to you, I’d take him in a minute! I LOVE orange cats. We had a big orange cat that was run over this year, and I’ve said that the next time we get a cat, it’s going to be orange. Of course, our other three cats might not welcome a kitten.

    We’ve had a cat (not orange) wandering around outside our house during the last couple of weeks. My son says he’s applying for adoption. We refer to him as the applicant. But I’m holding out for an orange kitty.

  6. Once a pounce a time there was a lovely Older “Queen” who wanted the orange cat! She really would love to have him but the King of the castle said NO! She would have been a good mommy to Butterscotch. She’d been practicing with her Royal Highness Black Cat! She’s been a good grandmommy to her! She admitted to spoiling Black Cat! She doesn’t want chic to get rid of orange cat so she can spoil and love her when she comes to vist!PLEASE don’t take Butterscotch to the pound. PLEASE

    The Queen Mother

  7. I’ve promised my daughter she can get a kitty when she’s ten, so just 3 1/2 years to go. If I mail you kitty food, can orange kitty live with you until my daughter is 10? That’s exactly the kitty I want. In 3 1/2 years. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I would actually take him now if I could, but I’m in the “too far away” crowd.

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