May 16

It is Friday and I am nosy.

Every morning, without fail, I get up, rub my eyes, run my hands through my hair, and turn around and make my bed. Every. morning.

If I didn’t make my bed every day, well…it would…would just…just be bad. I might stub my toe, break my favorite vase, get a flat tire, or my hair wouldn’t turn out. It would totally be because I didn’t make my bed. I just know it.

At the end of the day, I love climbing into a made bed. The sheets are crisp and pulled tightly. The pillows are already plumped and ready to be slept on. There is just nothing like it. If I had to crawl into a rumpled bed, I do not think I could sleep.Β Β  And this girl…she needs her sleep!

So tell me, what is one chore you do daily… without fail… that if you didn’t do it would totally mess up your entire day?

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  1. Every morning I drink a large glass of purified water. I feel icky if I don’t.Trust me some mornings this is a chore to get it all in but I feel much better for it. It messes up my whole day if I don’t do it.

  2. Oddly enough it’s checking my favorite blogs. I always check yours first and then Pioneer Woman’s.
    So guess what I’m going to go do now? πŸ™‚

  3. Oh, gosh…I’m so OCD, if I tell you all the things I *have* to do… πŸ™‚

    1. Make the bed, for sure. After reading “Home Comforts” I stopped making it immediately and instead I pull the covers down, crank the ceiling fan, and let it air out real good while I shower. Then I make it.

    2. Make a “to do” list. I can’t function till I have a list.

    3. Polish the ceramic top on the stove. After breakfast I have to scrub the stovetop and polish it with the special cream cleaner. I can’t cope if the stove is smeary.

    I’ll stop there. πŸ™‚ My house is really not very clean at all, but the OCD areas are taken care of. πŸ™‚

  4. Hey, monster avatars in the comments! Will I get the same one if I comment again or are they random? Finding out now… πŸ™‚

  5. Getting up is the first chore I do in the morning! Making my bed would be 2nd. While I’m at sister chic’s, I take a shower after making the bed so I can be ready to take the sister’s chic’s to school.

    When at home, after I make my bed,I have a wonderful husband who fixes coffee and breakfast for me every morning. Since my mom passed away, I’ve been at sister chic’s and haven’t gotten back into a routine without her, but it would probably still be making my bed.


  6. Oh my…..

    I ummm bathe & brush my teeth? Is that a chore? I am not at all regimental about anything. I don’t make my bed unless we are having company and we show them around the house (its new to us).

    I make my husband a cup of coffee every morning but it wouldn’t bother me if I didn’t, would prob bother him though πŸ™‚

    Nope I can’t think of a thing sorry….I do feel guilty though and will go make my bed now πŸ™‚

  7. I can’t think of one thing I do every single day except brush my teeth. Does making coffee count? If I don’t get that, I’m cranky as a bear!

  8. I do the bed, then read my blogs with my breakfast ! How do you get the little pics in your comments I’ve seen them on different sites and always forget to ask !

  9. Make breakfast. If I don’t eat soon after waking I get cranky and I can’t seem to regulate my blood sugar for the rest of the day.

  10. You know, I can not remember how to make the little avatars. I thought it was under design>extras, but I just looked, and it isn’t there now.

    Try FAQ’s and your answer is probably buried in there somewhere.

  11. For some unknown reason I HAVE to go to town, first thing, and get a cup of coffee(which I could easily make at home). It’s like I have to greet the world,or something. Not even $5 gas could stop me! My Dad was the same way. Must be an over-active coffee gene, or something. If I don’t do that, I feel cheated and imprisoned the rest of the day.

  12. Wednesday night I never made it TO bed. Your Uncle & I were watching tv late & Allissa called about midnight to tell us she was in labor. Off to the hospital. Baby was born at 4:30 We didn’t leave til 5:30, got home at 6am Thursday & finally got to crawl into that ‘made’ bed….

  13. For me, besides the shower, brush teeth, blow dry the hair routine EVERY DAY, it’s definitely the make the bed thing…I can’t leave the house, no matter how early, unless my bed is made!

  14. Let the dogs out…..:roll: but it has to be done, they don’t wake up anyone but me because they know I’m the only one who will actually get up, though some mornings they can wake hubby.

    When hubby’s not home I turn back the covers to air out my bed while I check email and blogs. I really need to change that to coffee & devotions, in the past I’ve found the day to go better if I do that.

  15. Hmmmm………..I guess it would be sweeping/vacuuming the livingroom.Β Β  I cannot stand the livingroom to be dirty.

  16. I am with you mother. Getting out of bed is my first chore. A cup of green tea comes next. My bed hardly ever gets made. Hubby is still in it when I leave for work at 5:20, and I am too busy with other things when i get home to even think about it. No body ever comes around so I don’t worry about it. The bedroom is in the back of the house , so even I don.t see it much. Out of sight, out of mind!lol

  17. blogging
    It’s kind of a chore.
    But I do it everyday except Sun.
    And I feel really funny when I am away from home and I do not blog.

    I am nearing my 5th year anniversary.

  18. I am with your Mother. Getting out of bed is a chore. Then I have to have my green tea.I don’t make my bed. Hubby is still in it when I leave for work at 5:20. When I get home I am too busy to think about it and the bedroom is at the end of the hall,so out of sight ,out of mind.

  19. First thing I do is check my eBay listings. If I don’t do it myself, then my husband will tell me as he’s waking me up. There have been times I’ve gotten up in the middle of the night (to get some chocolate of course) and signed on to check emails and listings. It’s really sick as I never give myself a day off, a day away from the computer.

    Thank you for letting me use the kitty picture :).

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