May 31

When I was 9, my Grams lived with us for a few years after she was divorced from my grandpa.

Church mice had more money than she did, but she loved to spoil the sister and I. She would buy us the cheapest cookies, and cheese puffs she could find, and we ate them with great abandon.

We would eat them in the living room, outside, on the hood of her car watching fire works on the Fourth of July, and even crouched in a corner of the basement waiting for a tornado to pass. Somehow this woman, would always manage to have a little something for her girls.

Yesterday, the girl and I were out doing our bi-weekly shopping, and I came across these. I hadn’t seen them in a grocery store since the Civil War, but here they were, a ginormous bin filled to the brim.

I picked up a package and sniffed deeply, memories flooding my soul.

I put the package down and longed for this wonderful woman who loved unconditionally, who hugged constantly, and who knew how to spoil a girl.

To this day, I prefer a package of .89 chocolate chip cookies and a bag of cheesey puffed air than any other snack in the world.

May 30

It is Friday, and I am nosy.

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you enjoy getting dressed up for a special occasion.

For me it depends. Do I have the right outfit? Do I have shoes to match? Am I being forced to attend this occasion, or will it be something fun for me?

If I have something proper to wear and I want to go, I’d say an 8. If not, then I’d say a 1.

May 29

I took your suggestions, but I must say I don’t like the results.

It isn’t your suggestions that were bad, it is my photography, or my bad lens, or maybe I am just standing way to far away, or all of the above.

I love the fact that in photography you are constantly learning.

Here is the picture of the boy and the luscious car. When I was a teen, I dreamed of owning cars like this.

Here I have cropped in tighter, and I ran it through my noisewear too. It isn’t bad, but like y’all said, it isn’t focusing on his face.

Here I have zoomed in 100%, and cropped, run it through the noiseware, and it still isn’t sharp.

Here is one that I just photoshopped. I love the bridge.

We should have pulled that weed.

This one is much better cropped close.

Unfortunately the sun was casting way to much shadow on his face. There was no other way to position ourselves in this picture to not get that shadow. Maybe on the opposite side of the bridge. But then I would have had to stand in the weeds, and this girl just. does. not. do. weeds. Or bugs. Or dirt. Like a friend of mine said Thursday “I’m a sissy.”

We are going to go back on Sunday to get more pictures.

I am just totally dissatisfied with these.

Not to be left out is the girl.  Taken with the very same lens.

I must learn faster.

May 28

Sunday, the boy and I went to Lake Park and shot some Senior pictures. Let me just say before hand, I desperately need a good lens. I have an ok lens that came with the camera, and I purchased a great lens, but it isn’t one you use for anything further than about 10 feet. I am really bummed at how these turned out. I wanted something that was really tack sharp. Something that we both could really be proud of.

The pictures are good, but not great. sigh…

Anyway, here is a sampling of them using my Nikon 18-135mm lens.

He wanted a really cool background. Kind of an urban/funky feel. This is as good as it gets here in Pothole, Ohio.

I black and whited this one, leaving him in color. He really likes this one.

I love this one.

An opportunity presented itself, so I just HAD to take this one.

This is one of my favorites.

This one was just fun, but I felt like he was getting lost in the background.

So, I did this. He doesn’t like it. I do. I think it is really cool. It looks like he is jumping off that bridge, but he wasn’t.

May 27

Yesterday was Party Central around here.

There were parties to the left of us.

There were parties to the right of us.

But our party. Our party was the party to rival all others.

We are total party animals around here.

Party on!

May 26

Yesterday in Sunday School as I was getting up from the table, a lady came up beside me and began talking to the woman sitting across from me.

I couldn’t help but overhear their conversation. She said that “I’m still bottle feeding the kittens, so I can’t bring them to you yet. When they are old enough, I will though.” I asked a few questions and found that she had found them walking along the road, and took them in, and that they were still very tiny.

Before I even knew what was happening, my mouth opened and words began to erupt. It sounded something very similar to “I have a mama kitten who is still producing milk, she might surrogate for them.”

So, let me and my big mouth introduce you to Winkin’.


And Nod.

What I think is the greatest thing is this.

They have a mama.

May 25

They are gone.

Life without them isn’t near as furry,


or entertaining.

Now I just need to get the adult cats to act like adults and get along.

Any ideas on how to get them happy?