April 30

When we moved in to this house, almost 6 years ago, I planted 2 lilac bushes.

During that next year, Superman someone who shall remain nameless, ran the lawn mower over them. So, I the ever vigilant and protective mama that I am, put little wooden stakes next to them so that they wouldn’t be run over again, hoping against hope that they would come back next year.

Sure enough, the next year, one of them decided that it would give us a second chance. Superman Someone who shall remain nameless, somehow ran over it again. I, being the ever vigilant and protective mama that I am, gave up.

2 years ago, through sheer strength of purpose, one of them cautiously poked itself through again. I figured that it would be run over, so I didn’t even bother with a stake. Superman Someone who shall remain nameless, had learned from his wicked ways, and left it alone.

Now it is big enough to fend for itself.

It is finally blooming, and I am more than excited.

I love lilac’s.

Not only are they beautiful, but they are just so fragrant.

I am big on beauty and perfume.

I’d like to think that they came back just for me, but the reality is that they probably heard me giving Superman the one who shall remain nameless what for, and were to scared not to come back.

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17 thoughts on “April 30”

  1. I”m happy for you. Lilac’s are the best spring flower. I have one now and am ever so excited to see it blooming. I keep going out int eh cold to smell it. and at 37* it is cold.

  2. Hilarious! I love the shall remain nameless. The bushes are beautiful too! Glad they came back. I have a major black thumb. I planted about 7 tulips last year (i have a very small flowerbed) 1 came up this year and my seven year old quickly picked it! Oh well.

  3. I am so jealous, when we lived on the farm we had 2 huge lilac bushes. Sadly when our house burned the bushes didn’t survive. Now I have a bush growing in my backyard, but it never blooms, been told here in Texas it doesn’t get cold enough for the blooms to form or something of that nature. But I keep hoping to prove them wrong.

  4. Lilacs are the best. The their fragrance is wonderful. I lost one to some sort of blight last year. Bummer. The new one is doing well but not big enough to bloom.

  5. I LOVE lilac’s although mine so far have never blossomed like they should. This year I am missing my peonies, and tulips blooming, but daddy is taking pics for me.

    Your’s look like they smell heavenly!

    Love Mom

  6. Mine are not fully open YET but they are already fragrant! I have purple and white ones…. There are a couple more that are not blooming this year but we are oh so waiting. I think I have 5-6 in my yard. I want more I tell ya MORE

  7. My very favorite flower in the whole world 😦 Alas, our weather is too warm for them so we have a pitiful excuse for them called a Persian Lilac which is about 1/8 the size of a Yankee Lilac. I do miss them. I can’t grow Lily Of The Valley ,my second favorite, either…….

  8. I love lilacs too. When my sister-in-law lived next door they planted lilacs and they were so lovely.They used to let me come over and pick bouquets. When Ernie died and Rita had to move, other people moved in. When the lilacs bloom, sometimes under the cover of darkness I get me a small bouquet. I figure it is okay since Rita planted them.

  9. I love lilacs. I have a bush in my back yard that I planted 7 years ago. It seems to have stunted growth. It also is a late bloomer. So while yours is in bloom and probaly smells heavenly, mine hasn’t got a single bud on it. I will go out again today and check it.

  10. I saw my first lilacs come into blue when I was at college in Idaho. Those plants were beautiful. I thought it would be great to have them here but I’ve found out that while they grow well up here the moose have learned that lilacs make for a fine dessert after a meal of birch, alder, aspen and willow. They will continue to consume the plant until it is beyond help. Since I don’t have the means to protect the plants from the moose I won’t be planting any in my yard.

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