April 26

I container garden.   The dirt in my back yard had to have come from a rock quarry.

So the other day, to get ready for planting, I spaded over my ‘gardens’.   I also had Superman and the boy carry the smallest container up to my back deck so that I could have that one closer.   I might have mentioned that I am lazy.   Just confirming that fact.

Last year, I planted 30 strawberry plants in my pink kiddy pool garden. 5 of them survived the growing season, and 3 survived the winter. One is actually producing something.

Tell me, what should I plan on making with 4 strawberries I will harvest?

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9 thoughts on “April 26”

  1. The only right thing to do is to share the bounty of the harvest. What about letting each member of the family dip their strawberry in the chocolate of their choice? Then toasting each other before swallowing the fruity chocolatey goodness.

  2. The right thing to do is to share with your family the bounty.

    But you don’t have to follow my advice.

    Only hubby here likes strawberries and then he’d probably only eat one so that I could have 3. ❤

  3. You could make individual shortcakes and top each one with whip cream and a strawberry.Kirsten probably couldn’t eat the strawberry? You could have rtwo!

  4. I think the chocolate covered strawberry sounds like the way to go. Yum!
    We have a small container of strawberries growing and had to move them to the fenced yard, to keep the chickens from eating them.

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