April 24

I know that y’all are just so very, very concerned.

I know that y’all are truly in need of some reassurance.

So, to lay aside any doubt, and to reassure you, worry no more.

Chocolatechic does not have yellow daffodil’s.

She has pink ones.

Crisis averted.

Now go eat some chocolate.

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10 thoughts on “April 24”

  1. Did I miss something?
    Am I supposed to be worried about the daffodils?
    I just so confused. 😕

    They are quite pretty. I’m eagerly awaiting the time when I can get some pretty flowers going at my house but it’s a bit early yet and then there is the factor that I’m not even home at this point.

  2. Where did you get pink daffodil bulbs? They are really pretty and unusual.

    If they are fake, shame on you for tricking us.

    Nope, they are not fake. I got them at Four Seasons Nursery. I just checked their web site and they don’t carry them anymore. I got them 2 years ago.

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