April 23

A few months ago, I was talking to a friend on the phone, and we got on the topic of what we were going to fix for supper. She said that she just slaps something on the table and calls it good, and that her kids really don’t appreciate it anyway, so why should she make something nice? I don’t actually remember what I replied, but what she said after, has stuck with me. She said “but I’m not a foodie like you.”

I never considered myself a ‘foodie’, but as I began to think about it…I am. I am a foodie, but it is obvious that I am only a novice foodie. I read quite a few food blogs for inspiration, but I know that I have not reached full ‘foodie’ potential yet.

One of the blogs that I read, has a cupcake contest every month. The boy wanted to get in on it, so I said “sure, why not?” After all, I’m a foodie, raising foodie children. He should get involved.

This month the contest was for Earth Day. The rules are/were that you make cupcakes with Earth Day in mind. Make them green, make them organic, make them healthy, most of all, make them creative!!! Ingredients are up to you this month, as long as your cupcakes celebrate Earth Day.

I read the rules and let the boy have at it. He got 5 different cookbooks from the library. They didn’t inspire him much. I suggested something pistachio as it is green. He doesn’t like pistachio. Obviously I have failed in the ‘raising little foodies’ category. So I left him alone.

He made a basic chocolate cupcake with a basic butter cream icing, and decorated it thusly.

I think he did a super job.


Wishing it was pistachio

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18 thoughts on “April 23”

  1. Wow! I think he did a fantastic job!

    My twinlet boys are a pair of rock hounds. When they saw the last picture they said, “Well, there’s the soil.” Then they launched in to a dissertation on the layers of the earth and the layers of the cupcake. Yep, this whole homeschooling thing is leaving them so under educated, Not! πŸ™‚

  2. April Fools!!!


    Well it is still April and I didn’t pull any jokes/pranks on the first, too much stress which is easing up so very much.

    The boy did a great job and I’ll admit that I’m very impressed that he got as much of Alaska on that cupcake as he did. =)

    Great job, hope he wins!!

  3. Cool cupcake. I too thought the first pic was a regular size cake. I am glad you are a foodie. I like to consider myself one too. Are there qualifications one must meet?

  4. Food is great.so so so great. and not just because i’m pregnant.

    That cupcake is extremely creative and witty. I like it a lot.It better win:)

    i want one.
    Don’t tempt a prego with a picture of a cupcake haha:)

  5. I love the cupcake! It is beautiful!! If by foodie, you mean that you try you lovingly prepare good food for your family and are very creative and are teaching your children to cook than I agree you are a “foodie”.
    πŸ™‚ Karen T.

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