April 20

The girl and I were at the Tea House, where the boy works, for our usual Saturday tea, and in walked my dad. The girl lit up like a Christmas tree. She sure loves her Gramps.

He came to check out the deck. Said it looks good and sturdy, but then began to ask the questions I should have been asking myself.

How are you going to move it? “uuuhhhhhh”

Your yard isn’t level, whatch’ gonna’ do about that? “uuuhhhhhhh”

How are you going to tear it apart? “uuuuuhhhhhhhh”

Who is going to do the work? “uuuuhhhhhhh”

Obviously, I had not planned beyond my men doing some manual labor and enjoying the end product. Unfortunately, Superman works 2 jobs, and the boy is looking for a second. I could do it myself, but that just isn’t going to happen. Maybe 5 years ago, but not today.

I could hire out, but parting me from my money is something that isn’t done easily. Some call me cheap, some call me frugal, and some just make fun.   But that is a story for a different day.

We tossed around some ideas, but it was the general consensus that we not take the deck.

I am bummed…..seriously bummed.

Now to tell the nice neighbor man.

I’m sending Superman to do my dirty work.

That’s what superheros are for, right???

Recipe tomorrow.

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5 thoughts on “April 20”

  1. Sorry about your deck. Sometimes we get caught up in the moment. Leave it to Dad to be the logical one. What would we do without him?

  2. I, too, was wondering how in the world one would move a deck from one place to another. If your neighbors moved it that far, maybe they would be willing to move it into the right place for you. 😀

    I hope you are having a really nice Sunday, hugs, Robin :mrgreen:

  3. Here I was thinking that the kindly neighbor who offered it to you would move it for you. I do understand about getting caught up in the excitement of the gift. Hubby and I rely on each other to keep things in perspective.

    I wish some of us lived closer and could come help you accept this gift.

  4. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful – but she looks a little miffed LOL 🙂

    You take wonderful pictures.

    Yeah… that day was extremely stressful.

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